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Big dreams are worth having…




Calling all children and adults too!

Summer is a wonderful time to pick up a book and read for enjoyment - I know I will be doing just that with my early morning cup of tea!

Below are some reading challenges for over the summer holidays - choose a level of challenge and try to complete the different reading challenges.  Please either upload your completed form to Google Classroom or print it out and return it to school when you come back in September.  All entries will go into  a prize draw and winners will be picked out in our first Gold Book assembly.

Our online libraries which we have been using since our Lockdown learning will also be available all through the summer - please enjoy.


Another Week in Class 3…

Our final full week…where has this year gone! Time flies when you’re having fun and my, oh my fun has most certainly been had this week. 

The children have been finishing off their maths topic of Shape with co-ordinates this week, having competed in a co-ordinates noughts and crosses tournament and school battleship style co-ordinates. Excellent work has been seen with the children gaining a really good understanding of co-ordinates being able to use them verbally and in writing them down. Who said maths isn’t fun? 

Wednesday saw Class 3 begin the 2021 Sports Day and WOW! I have never been prouder of our class, the way they presented themselves, the teamwork and sportsmanship seen and the achievements made by so many individuals. Being the first class to start of the Sports Days was a scary thing but Class 3 did it with style and class - awesome job! Congratulations to those in Hawks House who won the Sports Day overall but a huge well done and thank you to all that participated, it was a fabulous morning. 

This week has also been extremely sad because it has been Ellie’s last week at Richardson Endowed but Class 3 have made sure she has left with the biggest smile, happiest memories and loveliest gifts to show her how much we all care and how much we will all miss her. Thank you to all of Class 3 for making Ellie’s last few days so special and memorable, we really will miss you Ellie! 
Good luck and all the best for your new adventure, we know you will do amazingly! 

What an emotional but very special week. 4 days to go…

Class 3’s Star of the Week!

⭐️ Our star this week is…Eloise! ⭐️

Thoroughly deserved this week. Eloise has put so much effort into others this week, ensuring everyone in the class is happy and being incredibly kind. We have been so impressed with Eloise’s attitude and independence which have shone through this week and I hope continue with her as she enters Year 4. Thank you for being such a brilliant friend, model pupil and superstar this week - well done! 



Another Week in Class 3…

What a week! 

Class 3 have worked so incredibly hard this week on their biographies. They have completed research on their chosen person, become artists and are very close to finishing some excellent biography books! What has been the best thing this week is seeing the children’s enjoyment in this project, they have asked every single day to do their biographies and the effort and results have just been out of this world! Super proud! We hope to have them completed by next week which I will then of course share some photographs of their outstanding work. 

Class 3 have also been learning about the human body; naming bones and muscles and discovering what an incredible thing it is. They have also been learning about what it means to value someone. In order to do this, the children filled an outline of themselves with words about themselves, how they feel and what they believe about them as a person and then they swapped books with a partner and they wrote around the outline what they thought of them. This activity proved very interesting but saw some wonderful descriptions of each other and the true meaning of how to value someone! It also led to a discussion about certain words which have mixed views and we spoke about how we can use synonyms to explain exactly what we mean. 

Finally, this week we have been practicing for Sports Day! Some excellent team work, sportsmanship and individual achievements on show. They are ready and determined to win and can’t wait for Wednesday! Fingers crossed for the weather 🤞🏼 

Well done Class 3, only 9 more days to go! Keep up the good work! 

Class 3’s Star of the Week!

Our star this week is…Ollie! ⭐️ 
Ollie is a superb artist and writer, we definitely think we will see him writing and illustrating his own books some day very soon. His biography on Sonic the Hedgehog is excellent and his dedication and effort towards it have earned him star of the week! 

Keep up the great work Ollie! 



Another Week in Class 3…

What a brilliant week in Class 3! 

England won their quarter final match against Germany on Tuesday evening and Class 3 were so excited…so we decided to write to Mrs Mason to see whether we could persuade her to let us go to watch England in Rome. However, due to current restrictions and the cost it wasn’t possible but…we have been so lucky to have Rome come to Smalley today including a pre-match of England vs Ukraine! 
The children have made fractions pizzas using different 2D shapes for the toppings. They have invented their very own ice creams with an explanation with their choices and labels. 
This afternoon, the children have created Italian style mosaics and then competed in a football tournament which of course had to be 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England vs Ukraine 🇺🇦 
It has been a wonderful day, filled with fun learning which all the children have thoroughly enjoyed! Let’s hope the result of the match is the same for England tomorrow night. 

Also this week, Class 3 have been writing bio poems about another member of the class which has allowed the children to really get to know each other and in turn has produced some wonderful poems with metaphors, similes and very ambitious vocabulary and adjectives. It has been a great week of writing! 

As we have moved into our last maths topic for this year, we have been looking at shapes and lines: 2D, 3D, properties of shapes, right angles as well as parallel and perpendicular lines. The mathematical language and knowledge I have seen from all the children this week has really impressed me. Keep it up Class 3! 

A brilliant week overall and I look forward to the next one! 

Class 3’s Star of the Week!

Our star this week is…Charlie! ⭐️ 

Charlie has worked so incredibly hard this week on the best ways to present himself at school and be more confident in his own abilities which has seen him create some fantastic pieces of work and really shine this week! Well done Charlie, please keep it up ⭐️ 



Class 3’s Star of the Week!

Our stars this week are…Roman and Logan! 

Both boys have shown true determination and motivation this week, both wanting to achieve in every single subject and also showing their kindness, friendship and sportsmanship along the way. 

Thank you both for all your hard work this week, keep it up! 


Another Week in Class 3…


An incredibly busy busy week this week but as always Class 3 have done it with style! 

The children have been working so so so hard with their Maths, Spelling and Grammar this week where they have really shown what they can do and what they have learnt across this year. I have been incredibly proud of every single one of them for how hard they have worked but also how sensible, determined and focused they have been. You really have grown since September so thank you and a huge well done Class 3! Keep it up! 

Class 3 have been learning about calligraphy for our onomatoepia art work. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about different styles and trying them out, with many practicing these at home and showing their enjoyment of it. Everybody had a go and all were unique which is just wonderful! 

Also this week, the children have been learning about the country Hungary, particularly it’s capital city Budapest focusing on physical and human features. The children also found 47 countries which make up Europe from reading a map of Europe. Some furthered this learning by looking at the flags of these countries and their capital cities. Linking to the Euros, we also discussed as a class the FA values of PRIDE and discussed the values and which we want to make sure we show in school. The children also came up with some other values which they felt were important. They are now working towards showing these values at every possible moment. 
Progressive, Respectful, Inclusion, Determination and Excellence. 

Class 3 have been introduced to our science topic for this term on Animals including Humans, looking at the 7 life processes and nutrition. This saw children understand the different food groups and nutrients along with saturated and unsaturated fats. We looked at a balanced diet and why nutrition is so important for all animals! 

A great but very busy week. Rest up and let’s go again next week! 


Class 3’s Star of the Week!

Class 3’s star this week is, Honey! 
Well done Honey, thoroughly deserved for all your super hard work in every single subject. You always give 100% and your determination to achieve has shone through this week particularly with your handwriting and your fractions. 

An awesome job Honey. Keep shining! ⭐️ 



The first week of our last term!

Welcome back all! We are back after a very well rested, sunshine filled half term and have enjoyed our first week back together. 

We have started our new theme of ‘The World and Beyond’ for the last term which has seen Class 3 start to focus on the world including the Euros 2021 as well as looking closer to home at Smalley! We are also focusing on survival and what makes us ‘super’ humans. The children are excited and ready for the next 6 weeks! 

Class 3 have all been allocated a country that is part of the Euros, creating fact files, flags and football stripes to get to know their country. We will be following the football action and cheering on the teams seeing who makes it into the final! The children are very excited for the tournament and are very supportive towards their chosen country. This has been a brilliant opportunity to introduce our new geography learning of ‘our world’ and looking at geographical features. 

Within this week, the children have been looking at mapping skills, using mapping symbols and how to read a map. They have then created their very own islands with a key and individual mapping. We started this week with a focus on Smalley including the coat of arms and geographical features, something the children found very interesting. 

Focusing on ‘survival’, the children teamed up and competed in some survival activities. Before we started, the children all worked together to define what we need to survive, with some incredible, well-thought through suggestions. Lots of fun, discussion and logical thinking were had during our survival activities and some strong team leaders were identified. The children quickly realised 3 very important elements that helped them to survive: teamwork, communication and listening. As well as these, the children identify the main elements needed to survive and lots of in depth discussion was had. 

To finish our week, Class 3 took a trip to the post box to post their letters to Julia Donaldson! We have been given an official address and hope we get a reply…we will keep you posted! 

A wonderful first week had by all, ready for 6 more fun filled weeks! Well done Class 3 :) 

Class 3’s Star of the Week!

Our star this week is…Kieran! 

Kieran has been spotted numerous times this week for being super sensible but mostly for his effort in his writing. He has been spelling some tricky words and helping others too! Not only has Kieran been using superb vocabulary, he has been having a go at spelling the words and then checking his spellings to make sure they are correct. Kieran tries extremely hard with his writing and is ensuring it makes sense and is good quality - amazing work Kieran, keep it up! 



Connecting With Nature

Following Mental Health Awareness Week, it's been wonderful to receive so many photos of the children connecting with nature and I would love to share them with you here. I hope you feel inspired to get outdoors and connect with nature, whether that's for exercise, pleasure, conservation, creativity, mindfulness or whether you bring the outdoors into your home: the mental health benefits are tremendous. Thank you so much to all the children, parents and grandparents who got in touch to share their adventures- the photos and messages have been truly uplifting :)

The Last Week before Half Term...

WOW! What a week - as always, fun-filled and full of excitement! 

This week has seen the children in Class 3 read through our play ‘Bombs and Blackberries’. I can safely say this half term's topic of WWII has been everybody’s favourite! The children have been engaged from day dot and have become fully immersed into a world of WWII! 
The play has seen every child take on a part, encouraging their reading skills, comprehension and use of tone, intonation and expression, which has just been wonderful to see. Thank you all for giving such a lot of effort into this topic and enjoying it so much, it’s been a joy to teach. 
This week, the children wrote letters to Julia Donaldson, the author of our play. The questions and opinions given in the letters, along with book ideas for the future were just outstanding, as your teacher it was overwhelming to see how much you have thoroughly enjoyed this topic and play! They are ready to send off to her and make sure you have everything crossed for a reply!! 

Continuing the theme of WWII, the children got to work together to create their ‘parachute bombs’ (eggs!) They put into practice their teamwork skills, followed their design plans and created some excellent parachutes. We had lots of fun creating and then testing, which saw two joint 1st teams whose parachutes held up and also protected their eggs with an incredible result of no cracks!! The children have learnt all about air resistance and gravity and also how these forces were used in WWII! 

Class 3 have also designed and created their very own WWII inspired medals using ‘Shrinkies’. We studied Alan Turing and the Enigma code where children cracked codes and created some of their own, using a cipher wheel. As he was awarded an OBE, we looked into different medals from the wars and the reasons they were given. The children have then gone away and created their own medals, thinking about why they would want to give the medals. The results were wonderful, we’ve had medals for kindness, saving the world, community even a medal for achieving in your occupation! Due to time, we created our medals on shrinking paper which goes in the oven and shrinks 7 times smaller and 7 times thicker, creating the perfect 3D hard plastic medal which we have then turned into a key ring! The pictures show the process and result! 

Some other exciting things have been our author meet with Sophy Henn on Thursday afternoon. It was incredible! Not only did the children get to meet a real life author but we got to share some non-fiction books together, learn about how to write and illustrate a book as well as competing in some challenges and learning how to draw a cheetah from the book! Sophy Henn is a brilliant author who has created a book called ‘Lifesize’ where Sophy has researched different animals and has created parts in the book which show their real life size selves! Awesome! 

Friday was a calm and relaxing day where we shared brownies made by Edie for her 300 challenge (they were incredible - thank you!) all raising money for the PTFA. Class 3 also took part in some Yoga which they really enjoyed and found it very relaxing and resetting, meaning they were all ready for half term. 

An amazing half term Class 3, I cannot wait to share our last one together next week! 
Take care and rest up ready for more fun...

Class 3’s Star of the Week!

Class 3’s Star this week is Isabella also known as ‘Our Sunshine’. Bella is always smiling no matter what and makes sure that everyone else in the class is smiling also. She’s a superstar and gives 100% towards everything, being a brilliant role model for Class 3! 

Thank you Isabella ‘Sunshine’ - promise to keep shining! 



Another Week in Class 3...

Can you believe that we only have one week left until the half term? As they say, time flies when you’re having fun! 

This week has all been based on ‘The Blitz’, we have completed scene 5 of our play, made Blitz fact fan books, looked at recount writing as a character, designed a parachute (linked to parachute bombs in WW2) and we have created some beautiful Blitz silhouettes!

As well as all that, we have furthered our learning of ‘time’ in maths and are very confident with reading, drawing and telling the time on an analogue clock. The children’s logical thinking and time understanding has really impressed me and I hope they continue this through to next week when we will be solving word problems on time. 

Our play is everybody’s favourite, the children in Class 3 are so engaged in it which is just wonderful to see! They are learning how to read a script, take on a character and be expressive all along with creating different genres of writing! We have focused on recount writing this week and taking on the role of a character from our play with facts about The Blitz. This has been a great opportunity for the children to write using past tense, a tricky skill to master! 

In the wider curriculum, the children have worked together to design a parachute, thinking about materials and features for their very own parachute bomb (it will be an egg, not a bomb!) which has seen the children talking and understanding different forces such as air resistance and gravity and how these work! There has been some excellent scientific discussion happening this week and we are very excited to make them next week! 
Class 3 have also created some beautiful Blitz silhouettes and linked this to the blackouts faced in WW2. They have put to practice drawing skills, shading, use of different materials to create an effect and layering of textures. The results are amazing as you can see in the picture below. 

All in all, another awesome productive week in Class 3. Keep it up girls and boys, one more week to go!

Class 3’s Star of the Week!

Our star this week is...Taylor! 

Taylor is such a fantastic role model to all, his effort and determination are extraordinary, he’s an inspiration! I have been so impressed with your attitude towards learning and how you have held yourself in the classroom and across school. Your work is superb and the recent engagement I have seen with writing in particular is wonderful - please keep it up! 

Well done Taylor ⭐️



Another week in Class 3...

This week has been what I call a topsy turvy week, lots of things happening and changes to our week but all has been done and Friday is here! As always, Class 3 have produced some excellent work and some children have really stood out for their determination, behaviour and attitude towards learning which has really made me smile so thank you and please keep it up! 

Class 3 are magi-mathematicians! Their maths work this week has been extraordinary, showing such brilliant skills and knowledge in what many find a very difficult topic...time! We have started time this week and the children are very confident with o’clock, half past, quarter past and to and have started to understand the 5 minute intervals that make up the rest of our clock. They have worked particularly hard on understanding past and to showing some excellent positioning of the hour hand. Class 3 have also shown an embedded understand of the column method for addition and subtraction with numbers up to 60 to link to our time learning! Every child has made their very own clock face with moving hands inside their books so they have a working, interactive clock to use in every lesson. Please keep up the fabulous maths work Class 3, I have been so impressed! 

Imperatives (bossy verbs!) have been the focus in our English lessons this week which the children have used to create effect within their own propaganda posters and speeches! We used propaganda posters from WWII to highlight how imperative were used back then and why they were used! This then supported the children in making their own propaganda poster about COVID-19, a time that will become history and is relevant to them. The children have then written a speech, linked to their poster, using Winston Churchill’s famous speech about ‘Dunkirk - Operation Dynamo’ with the phrase, ‘we shall...’. To see the children provide such emotion and persuasion within their writing has created some excellent pieces of work, with some even doing this at home as they have enjoyed it so much!! 

We have done lots of topical learning again this week, on Dunkirk and even got to listen to Winston Churchill’s actual speech! The children’s knowledge of WWII is ever growing and they are demonstrating this across all subjects which is great to see! This even saw Class 3 learning about how magnetism was used in WWII and conducting experiments to investigate magnetic and non-magnetic materials. 

Parents evening next week! Ready to go! 

Class 3’s Star of the Week!

Our star this week is Seren! Always a superstar and role model to all in Class 3. Her work is always completed to the best of her ability and she gives 100% towards all that she does. Seren is always ready to learn, listening and most certainly has ‘Dunkirk Spirit’ which is something we have been learning about this week in our topic, WWII.

Awesome work Seren, keep it up!



Another Week in Class 3...

Another super busy week this week but with some absolutely wonderful work from the children! Well done Class 3! 

I have been so impressed this week with your work ethic, trying incredibly hard, taking your time and showing how independent you can be. This has been wonderful to see so thank you Class 3, please keep it up! 

The children have been focusing on fractions in maths, becoming familiar with a half, a quarter and even further understanding 3/4! The children have been converting these fractions into decimals and percentages and have shown a fantastic understanding and knowledge of their times tables which has helped them to use the numerator and denominator. We particularly enjoyed using tables this week to show our working out (all wipeable and rules in place!) but it has been a great way for the children to show their understanding of fractions and encouraged their working out and checking of answers. 

Class 3 are still really enjoying our play ‘Bombs and Blackberries’ and have had the opportunity this week to produce a piece of writing they want to do. Many chose to create their own play, stories and use characters from our book. They have shown excellent use of speech and key writing features that we have covered since September but most importantly they have thoroughly enjoyed writing, many begging to continue them which is just fantastic! 

The children have had fun painting and designing their very own WWII Spitfires this week. Their attention to detail has impressed me and I have seen some excellent DT skills. 
As well as DT, the children have learnt all about Rationing this week and created their own ration book. Many of the children preferred the modern day food choices than WWII and feel lucky that they have many luxuries today in comparison! 

Another jam packed, fun filled week in Class 3! Ready for another one next week!

Class 3’s Star of the Week...

Our stars this week...Myla and Isobel! 
I am so very proud of these two girls this week for their determination, attitude and pride. 
Myla always works exceptionally hard but this week has gone even further and is working her socks off! Her maths work in particular has been thorough, neat and accurate and she has been super proud of what she has achieved. Keep it up! 
Isobel has been showing us all in Class 3 how to work independently and has created a wonderful piece of writing in which she has chosen the genre and shown how she can include key writing features on her own. Well done! 
Amazing work from both of you girls!



Class 3's Star of the Week!

Our star this week is...Lacey! Our superstar every week; Lacey is always listening, prepared, ready and gives 100% towards everything she does. Lacey never has to be asked twice and treats everyone with respect, being positive and a superb role model to all! 

Thank you Lacey, keep up the great work :)



Class 3's Star of the Week!

Our star this week is...Alex! 

Well done Alex, you have been a superstar this week. What we have been so impressed by is the way you are approaching your work no matter what the subject. You take your time, read the questions properly and thoroughly to ensure you know exactly what it is asking, then you answer them with full, detailed answers. This is such an excellent skill to have and to be sharing with the class. Keep it up! 



Class 3's Week...

WOW! What a busy, fun filled and exciting first week back from the Easter break. It has been a jam packed week with plenty more to come...

Monday saw the children of Class 3 arrive into their classroom that had been transported back into 1939, the beginning of World War II. The children of Class 3 became Children of WWII with a gas mask, evacuee label and were selected in the Evacuation Process. Once selected, children were straight to work but not work as we know it...One group of evacuees had to build an Anderson Shelter to ensure everyone's safety incase of an air raid whilst the two other groups set to work painting and designing a Spitfire! There will be plenty more photos to come once the Spitfire has been checked over for safety protocols and is ready to take flight but the shelter is built and ready to go. 

This week has seen the introduction to another area of measurement for Maths, the measuring of capacity. The children have worked incredibly hard this week on defining capacity and volume and understanding the differences between the two, they have compared capacity and reasoned their thoughts. One of the trickiest parts this week has been working with different scaling divisions and learning how to solve what each division is going up in. As we are learning about capacity it only seemed right to compete in a capacity race. This encouraged all the children to discuss capacity of containers and compare them, estimating which container would fill the quickest due to it's capacity. 

In Science this week, we have started looking at Forces and Magnets, in particular the types of forces and how they work. Children acted out different push and pull actions in a class game of 'Force Charades' which created some brilliant discussion and vocabulary. To feel, see and test how forces work, the children made marshmallow shooters from a plastic cup, balloon and mini-marshmallow and loved every minute of it! The photos say it all...

This afternoon, the children have been designing a Spitfire in preparation for making a 3D model of one next week! 

A brilliant week had by all in Class 3, I can't wait for the next one!

Happy Easter Class 3!

What a wonderful, wonderful last week had by all in Class 3! 

There have been many highlights this week but I think everybody's favourite...Claude Monet Art Work! The art work produced by every single child has been excellent, phenomenal! Watching the children grasp new art techniques and recreate 'The Bridge Over the Pond' has been amazing. They have used sponges for trees, painted with their fingers, used oil pastels to create a 3D bridge and a montage of water lilies all in an Impressionism style. They are now beautifully displayed in our classroom and are most certainly famous in their own right! 

All of Class 3 have thoroughly enjoyed celebrating Easter this week in many different ways. Enjoyed by everyone, we have created some beautiful Easter cards, solved the maths mystery of the 'Bunny Costume Wrecker', completed an Easter Egg Hunt and shared the very important Easter Story together. I am sure the children will have told you all about the new species of bird named 'Loof Lirpa' and the fun we had yesterday for April Fool's Day!

It has been wonderful creating some lovely memories together this week and sharing our exciting plans for the Easter break with many things moving the right direction, a light seeping through a long tunnel! 

Pictures definitely say more than words for this week so here are a collection of photographs to showcase the fun had in Class 3! 

Happy Easter Class 3! 

Another Week In Class 3...

This week has been an extremely busy week where the children have worked so incredibly hard so I would like to thank them all for their efforts and for never giving up! :) 

We have been working hard on our ART this week, where the children have learnt how to do a water colour wash background. They have been analysing Claude Monet's Water Lilies for it's colours, shades and tones which they have then tried to recreate. We are all very excited to produce our end product next week! 

Something that has been so lovely this week, is the children's engagement and pure enjoyment over our class book 'The Creakers'. We only have 3 chapters left but the children have been chanting for more! I have been so delighted at your pleasure over our book. 

Although this week has been a very different, topsy turvy week, Class 3 have been amazing so well done and thank you :) Keep it up! 



Class 3's Star of the Week!

Our star this week is...Ellie! 

You have worked so incredibly hard across every single subject and have impressed us all with your sensible, mature attitude.  You are always smiling which has in turn made everyone else in Class 3 smile so thank you :) Keep up the great work Ellie!



Smalley's Spring has sprung!




Smalley School's Red Nose Day 2021!



Thank you everyone for sharing your smiles all through school today!




Class 3's Back!

Well done Class 3, two superb weeks back at school with lots of exciting learning! The photos below only show a snippet of what we have been up to, you have produced some excellent pieces of work and all with a smile :) 

Last week we did lots of learning on measurement (length) where you converted lengths from mm to cm, cm to m and m to km as well as adding and subtracting these lengths, comparing them to one another. After all that hard work, it only seemed fair to go outside and continue our measuring and estimating. The children completed some corner 'true' and 'false' questions before estimating the length of Class 3! Lots of fun had along with some brilliant measurement knowledge - great work Class 3! 

This week, we have worked extremely hard on our 'Big Write' of an explanation text about the importance of water, encouraging people to become a water protector! Your ideas, effort and writing have been incredible and I am super impressed by your final pieces. 

We have continued our measurement learning this week but on area/perimeter and money. All of you have worked incredibly hard on adding and subtracting decimals which you have then demonstrated across our work this week. Your money knowledge has blown me away, you have worked extremely hard showing your deepened understanding of the value of money, counting of both pounds and pence, converting pounds and pence, adding and subtracting money amounts. It has been excellent to see you transferring your measurement knowledge from the last two weeks into a mixture of arithmetic sums and reasoning and problem solving questions, showing some great mathematical skills. 

You have shown huge enjoyment in our ART work based on Claude Monet's 'Water Lilies', producing two different pieces of impressionism style artwork. In Topic, you worked together to show how mountains are shown on maps, creating your very own contour mountains. You have shown a great understanding of contour lines and what they tell us when map reading. 

It has been wonderful to see your passion and fight for our overall theme of 'Saving the Environment' which you have continued through to today, designing your own 'nature/Environment' themed red nose in support of Red Nose Day. Thank you to those who joined in by painting on a red nose and to those of you who have donated. The children have participated in a 'Red Nose' themed quiz, they have shared a smile and completed some themed activities which have made us all laugh today and promoted the power of funny! 

Keep it up Class 3! :) 


The Embark Award.

We have relaunched this post from October, as the Embark Award is a unique, special award for our academy of schools and whilst we are at home, we could still be working towards achieving the goals.  There are activities and experiences that we can't or must not do at the moment, but there are many that we can -  We think that many of us could do number 25 on 'Family' after last weekend's snow!  Please contact your class teacher children with a photograph/video of you achieving your goals and we will be able to award the stickers into your folders for when you return into school.

Good luck!


The Embark Award is part of the Trust’s wider offer to our children here at Richardson Endowed. 

Your child has been given a folder in school with 100 activities in to enable them to access a number of experiences before they leave us at age 11. 

The Embark Award is designed such that the children can carry out the activities at home or in school . They are linked to our core beliefs of Family, Integrity, Teamwork and Success! 
If you feel your child has achieved one of the activities please send evidence, such as a photograph, to Google Classroom where they will be given the appropriate sticker to mark off their achievement in their luxury folder. 

We hope that in the future folders will be able to come back and forth between home and school but at this time it is not possible. Therefore, please refer to all the information below, which is from the folder in school.

The EMBARK Award (Please click on this link here to access the full details of the award.)

The children are so excited about this new project so please encourage and enjoy some new experiences together. 



Saving our Environment - Spring term learning


Welcome back to the Spring Term and our brand new whole school and Embark theme of 'Saving the Environment'.

Each class has a special book(s) to inspire this term's learning  - we can't wait to see this term's work blossom, hopefully just like the beautiful tree on our school driveway.



Please dive into your class book and explore the potential that it holds - please comment below with thoughts, feelings, facts and ideas about your book so far - at the end of the term - all comments will go into a prize pot and a prize winner will be picked at random - good luck!

Here are the front covers of all of the class books - aren't they beautiful?  Front covers are so exciting, but wait until you get inside!

Happy Half Term Class 3!

Well…we did it! Together we made it to half term and I couldn’t be prouder!

6 weeks ago, we sat together in the classroom and I asked you all to think of a word; a word in which you wanted to be; a word in which you were to become by the end of the year. The words you gave me amazed me; made me stop and think.

‘I want to be confident’, ‘I want to be unstoppable’, ‘I want to be courageous’ and ‘I want to be kind’.

As a teacher, I saw the determination and dedication in your eyes and knew you meant it, that you were going to give everything you could to become that word. Then the announcement came. Many of you asleep in bed, not knowing what tomorrow was going to bring…

We all awoke; fed up, frightened, unsure and saddened by yet another lockdown BUT, did you let that stop your determination and dedication to becoming your word… NO YOU DID NOT! You gave 100% towards everything, you never gave up and you did it all with a smile; a smile that got you, your parents, grandparents and me through each day. You did it in style Class 3 along with excellent work, superb attitudes, lots of laughs and sometimes tears but most importantly you did it together! As a class, you supported each other, congratulating and applauding one another and sharing this time together, something which has made the whole experience much easier, brighter and happier. You all have achieved so many things you never thought possible. You have written your own fairy tales, fables and stories; you have learnt about multiplication, division and statistics; you have walked like an Egyptian; you have made your own moving book all about Egypt; you have become scientists and experimented light; you have continued to learn another language; you have become your chosen word. In a time where things should have been difficult and near impossible, you have become unstoppable, courageous, confident, kind and so much more. As a class, you have defied expectation and shown just how special and wonderful you all are – thank you!


Miss Williams


Well done to our Smalley Richardson Community!

We just wanted to send our thanks to all those parents who have embraced home learning over the past 8 days! Yes we know this is only day 8 and it probably feels like a month! 

We understand that you are coping with so many different pressures at the moment. Even ensuring you have food in your cupboards is a task. Many of you are working from home, trying to do your own jobs and teach your children, often with no support from your wider families due to current restrictions. 

The Government have instructed all schools to make sure online learning provision is much more rigid and challenging which we at Smalley have done, but we also know that this puts extra pressure on you! Please know that we understand that you are doing your best! Your efforts will be rewarded by the progress your children make and you are doing a good job! 

Below is a song recorded by children in America to thank all the adults who are keeping people safe and well such as our NHS workers, teachers who educate, and parents who are doing a ‘good job’ in keeping their children safe and trying their very best to facilitate home learning.

Remember, there’s no job more important than being a parent! You are doing something quite extraordinary and we want to tell you so! 

Thank you for all your efforts with home learning-they truly are appreciated by all of us at Richardson Endowed. Enjoy the song below:

Alicia Keys - Good Job | Cover by One Voice Children's Choir | A Tribute to Covid-19 Heroes

LIMITED EDITION ALBUM on-sale now: All proceeds help fund our non-profit organization. Make a donation to support childre...

Take care and stay safe!

Mrs Mason


Good Afternoon Children!

Dear Children,

I am sending this message to say how sorry we are that our school has once again been forced to close to so many of you! As the Prime Minister, Mr Boris Johnson, only spoke to the whole country at 8pm last night it didn't even give your teachers chance to explain to you how you are going to be learning for the next few weeks!

I am therefore writing this to say that from tomorrow your teachers will be contacting you each day on Google Classroom Meet. Later this afternoon I will send an email to your parents to let them know what time your live check-in is. We know that some of you will have brothers or sisters who will need to check in at the same time and we will try to avoid as many clashes where possible. Please do not worry if this happens; you may have to take it in turns! You will still be able to access all the work via Google Classrooms and contact your teachers during the school day.

Please try your best to work hard at home just like you do at school ! I hope to see you all soon !

Stay safe

Mrs Mason.


The Richardson Endowed Christmas Special



Christmas performances are a big part of any school year. Although we have not been able to invite you in to see our regular shows, each class has prepared their very own Christmas message. We hope our digital performances add a little festive cheer to your day.




Class 3 Christmas Video

Class 3's Star of the Week!

Our star this week and the last star of 2020 is...Sammy! 

Well done Sammy, you have worked so incredibly hard since you walked through the door in September. You never give up, you try your hardest in everything, you give 100% towards everything and anything asked of you and you are so polite, well-mannered and an absolute pleasure to have in the classroom. Your smile radiates through the classroom and you truly are a superstar through and through. Keep up the great work Sammy :) 



The Last Two Weeks in Class 3...

The last two weeks have been fun-filled, a little crazy but extremely exciting as we have worked towards breaking up for Christmas so I decided to do them together as one post. 

Last week...

The children worked extremely hard on our Class Christmas Performance and instructional writing. We hope you all enjoyed the class performance, the children did such a fabulous job and ensured they all individually had their moment but also showed the true, brilliant-ness of them as a whole class. They learnt a script, produced some gorgeous paintings, drawings, models, did dances, prepared jokes and just fully immersed themselves into producing the best performance for you, which without sounding bias I think they did, 100 times over! Well done Class 3, it really was a Christmas performance to remember! 

We also worked incredibly hard on instruction writing, writing instructions of how to catch a woolly mammoth using their knowledge from our topic the Stone Age and their own imaginations. We focused on features of instructions and the children then peer assessed each others instructions by giving two stars and a wish to each other and sharing their successes. As well as this, the children showed their fantastic Stone Age knowledge in our last topic and science lesson, blowing me away with the information they had taken in and embedded into their brain. Great job Class 3! 

This week, the last week of 2020 for Class 3...

What a buzz there has been across the class this week, with so many exciting activities and fun-filled opportunities for the children to dive right in to! The children walked 90 miles in 3 days, every child participating in a mile walk each day to add to our class Race to Rudolph. They have made some beautiful Christmas cards, all independently! We've had party lunches, glow in the dark dodgeball, an online Pantomime, a visit from the ice cream van, lots of treats and a genuinely, lovely festive time together! Although there were lots of changes and different routines, the children have coped so well with these and have loved every minute, now ready to have a wonderful Christmas with their family. 

Thank you for a brilliant first term Class 3, have the most wonderful Christmas time and a happy new year. Take care, stay safe and rest up ready for even more fun in Class 3 when you all return in January.

Reading, reading, reading




The class with the most comments about the books that they are reading will be announced shortly....

AND the winners with 19 comments are Class 2! 

Well done children.  Please keep reading and enjoying your books and enjoy using your special bookmarks.


A BIG well done and thank you to all of the children and staff that commented.. There are some beautiful books being read and it's a great list to look at for some recommendations.

Keeeeeeeeeeeeep reading!


Class 3 - Stars of the Week!

I have been greedy this week with two stars! I just had to choose these two children as stars of the week for Class 3 this week. 

Our stars are...Morgan and Olivia. Well done to both of you, very much deserved. 

Morgan, you have tried so hard this week with your writing, ensuring you are taking your time and sounding out those extremely tricky words when spelling. You are always ready and do everything asked of you with 100% effort and no fuss. You are so polite and well-mannered towards all at our school which is just so wonderful to see. So, not only are you the birthday boy this week but also a star! Keep up the great work!

Olivia, a superstar through and through. Your work is always beautifully presented, well thought through and extremely neat. You never give up, you give 100% towards anything and everything, always ready and listening, being a fantastic role model to all. You are so polite and well-mannered towards each and every person at our school and I am so thankful for this. Always a star, keep up the great work Olivia!

Well done to you both and thank you for your continued hard work, determination and dedication towards your learning! 

McJingles the Elf!

Welcoming to Class 3...McJingles the Elf! 

McJingles is BFF's with Santa and is always listening and watching. He surprises us every morning with something new so here's a round up of his antics this week...

Class 3's Star of the Week!

Our star this week is...Isabella! Well done Isabella, so deserved. 

Always a bright, shining superstar Isabella is our star this week having shown enthusiasm, determination and dedication to all her learning. Isabella always gives 100% effort and is never asked twice for anything! Today also saw Isabella get 10/10 on her spellings which were incredibly difficult but so well deserved having practiced them three times everyday...such a role model! 

Great job Isabella, keep up the great work!



Another Week in Class 3...

What a week! Only a four day week but my it has been crammed full of very exciting, fun learning. 

This week McJingles our class elf made an appearance and has come out of 'elf-isolation' today causing mischief! 

The children have written letters to Santa this week, learning about the layout and features of letters. They were very proud of their letters and enjoyed walking up to the post box and actually posting them today even though we did get covered with sleet in the process. It has been a lovely week letter writing and we now all have our fingers crossed for a reply! 

Maths has seen the children learning their 4 times table this week, consolidating their 3's and learning their 4's. They are experts at arrays and sharing having produced some gorgeous work in their maths books that myself, Mr. Whitt and Mrs. Hull are extremely proud of. Throughout the last few weeks, the children have shown a real enjoyment and enthusiasm towards their times tables which has been so wonderful to see. 

Science saw the children making edible soil layers which helped them to understand the formation of soil and how it is made. They also learnt what soil is made up of and the four processes to soil formation. I have to say, I think the children thoroughly enjoyed this lesson as you will see in the pictures below!! 

Today, children have started using Google Slides in Computing, creating their very own presentations around an area of the Stone Age they find interesting. They have learnt how to add new slides, add photographs and text and have started to use animations on their slides making them interactive. This has been a fabulous area of learning in which the children have really enjoyed and I cannot wait for them to present their finished presentations in a few weeks time. 

This week we have made envelopes to go towards the live advent calendar window for the community in which the school will do a display for outside of the front gates. At the start of next week we will be creating a class stocking which will also be displayed and part of the final window. Keep your eyes peeled for this! 

Two more weeks to go girls and boys!


Reading, reading, reading - at least 3 times a week please



In our Zoom assembly on Friday, Mrs Mason shared with the children some information about the super reading training that some of the teachers had attended.  One of the key messages from the course was all about the importance of reading regularly.  We read all the time at school and that regular practise at home makes all the difference.  Remember children, you signed your school agreement in September saying that you would read 3 times a week - go explore the exciting world of literature - go to places that you can only imagine.  Even in Lockdown we can explore places we never knew were possible.  Please share below in the comments the books you are enjoying at the moment - let's try to get every one to comment - tell your friends - share the good news of books and the power of being able to read.

Here is one to start us off - James in Class R enjoying his book - James, just like your top says, you are totally 'ROARSOME'! (original message 22/11/20 relaunched 2/12/20)

The class with the most reading comments in the box below will receive a class prize (closing date 8.30 am Friday, 11th December 2020)


Class 3's Star of the Week!

Our star this week is...Darcey! Well done Darcey, you have been a superstar all week trying so hard with everything that you do. Your self-belief and confidence have rocketed and you are shining like the bright, shining star you are. I love how you are giving 100% and trying to achieve things on your own but asking for help when you need it.

Keep up the great work Darcey!



Another Week in Class 3...

Another very busy week in Class 3 from newspaper report writing to mastering our 3x table!

Over the last two weeks the children have been working on newspaper report writing. They have worked incredibly hard with writing in third person, even changing from first to third person a ridiculously tricky concept but one that the children have really started to master. We have come up with a class draft, individual planning formats and research sessions which have then transformed into such fabulous newspaper reports about whether cave paintings are art or graffiti. I cannot wait to display these in the classroom and complete our fantastic Stone Age display. 

In maths this week, the children have been mastering their 3x table knowledge involving both multiplying and dividing within this table. The children have been using arrays to multiply and sharing when dividing which has seen some beautiful work being produced by all children in the class. We are extremely proud of the children's work and their effort and enthusiasm towards learning their tables, please keep it up! Today the children played a game using dice where they had to role a number in the three times table, which saw their adding and multiplication knowledge and recall excel (it was also lots of fun!)

Science this week, children discovered lots of facts about Mary Anning and her importance in scientific research and findings. They learnt about her fossil discoveries and love for curiosities.    

In Topic, the children were learning about Stone Age Diet which of course was cause for an investigation, an investigation of Stone Age poo!! Identifying the substances in these organic remains allowed the children to understand what a Stone Age diet consisted of and caused a discussion into whether this was a healthy diet. A very fun but smelly lesson! I think this was a particular favourite with the children. 

In PE, Mr. Smith handed out a medal for someone who is consistent, caring, competitive and co-operative with all other team players. Such amazing and fabulous qualities in which Morgan has shown and been noticed for...well done Morgan, very much deserved! 

Another great week for Class 3, with a very special, exciting week to come...






Good morning children, in our Zoom assembly today, we celebrated our Stars of the Week - we felt very proud of our classmates and of ourselves. 

Everyone has the right to feel pride in themselves and in the work that they do. 

Ask yourself every day - "What have I done today to make myself feel proud?"

Please enjoy our special assembly song - maybe you would like to sing along with the words at home:

Proud - Heather Small

An awesome song *_____** I own nothing *

Odd Socks!

Thank you Class 3 for coming in your odd socks today to celebrate difference and that being different is ok! You have all shown your support towards Anti-Bullying Week this week, showing your maturity and compassion towards such an issue. 

Class 3's Star of the Week!

Our star this week is...Logan!

Well done Logan, you have worked so incredibly hard this week in everything we have done, giving 100% effort towards it all with so much enthusiasm and a real love for learning. Your work has been fantastic but one thing that has really stood out this week and always has with you, is your kindness and compassion towards others in and outside the classroom. Never lose this. 

Keep up the great work Logan!



Another Week in Class 3...

Where did that week go? They are flying by but are also non-stop fun and full of hard work! 

This week the children had a debate over whether cave paintings from the Stone Age are ART or graffiti. This is all linked to work we are doing from our core text 'Stone Age Sentinel'. The debating skills and questions from the children were fantastic, they were polite but also had some brilliant points of view. Our debate had a very drastic change, originally only 5 children believed cave paintings were graffiti but by the end of the debate, 14 children changed their minds from the points that had been discussed. Great work Class 3! This week's English has also seen the class produce a draft newspaper article on cave paintings being ART or graffiti ready to write their own versions next week.

On Monday, we celebrated Diwali, the festival of light. Children learnt about the traditions, story and ideas behind the festival and created their very own Diya Lamps, which look stunning! They also learnt about Rangoli patterns and their importance. 

The children have been working very hard in maths, practicing their times tables using arrays and sharing for division. They have particularly enjoyed 'Array Capture' today which allows children to race to the end by only using arrays. Their times tables have really started to improve which is great to see! Keep it up Class 3! 

Science saw the children looking at Fossils and the fossilisation process. Together we made a 'rock lab sandwich' which showed the children how fossils make an imprint and the process into how a fossil is formed. 

It's been another fabulous week in Class 3. I can't wait for another one!