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Calling all children and adults too!

Summer is a wonderful time to pick up a book and read for enjoyment - I know I will be doing just that with my early morning cup of tea!

Below are some reading challenges for over the summer holidays - choose a level of challenge and try to complete the different reading challenges.  Please either upload your completed form to Google Classroom or print it out and return it to school when you come back in September.  All entries will go into  a prize draw and winners will be picked out in our first Gold Book assembly.

Our online libraries which we have been using since our Lockdown learning will also be available all through the summer - please enjoy.


Class 4 star of the week

Our star of the week is Amelia. She has worked incredibly hard using her creativeness to create a descriptive mythical character. The language and punctuation used shows you are ready for year 5! Well done.



Well done to Class 4!

Having filled their class merits chart, Class 4 had a well deserved treat at the park last week in glorious sunshine and with delicious ice creams. The children had a super time and we were all very full indeed! The reward was well deserved as the children in Class 4 are all Smalley Superstars and a delight to teach!

Class 4 star of the week- 25/06/21

Our stars of the week are Riley and Theo. Both have been working hard in their learning and showing acts of kindness to peers.
Theo is working on his handwriting to gain his pen license. 
Great week boys, well done. ⭐️ 



Year 4 - Star of the Week - 11.06.2021

Our star of the week is Elizabeth.

She is a helpful and caring member of the class.

Elizabeth has  shown a lot of resilience and perseverance this term.

Keep it up! 



Year 4's Robin Hood Lookout Towers

To link with our core text and heritage theme in which we focussed on the legend of Robin Hood, the history of Nottingham Castle and caves, and the geography of Nottingham, Class 4 researched, planned and designed lookout towers for Robin Hood and his Merry Men to help them see potentially wealthy travellers whose wealth they might redistribute to the poor, as well as the Sheriff of Nottingham and his men from whom they needed to stay safe. The children learned how structures can be made stable and the shapes and support that can be used to strengthen. They also explored how to work with art straws to create models and here are some of the finished articles. The children worked really well and and refined their fine motor skills in the process. Well done Class 4!

Connecting With Nature

Following Mental Health Awareness Week, it's been wonderful to receive so many photos of the children connecting with nature and I would love to share them with you here. I hope you feel inspired to get outdoors and connect with nature, whether that's for exercise, pleasure, conservation, creativity, mindfulness or whether you bring the outdoors into your home: the mental health benefits are tremendous. Thank you so much to all the children, parents and grandparents who got in touch to share their adventures- the photos and messages have been truly uplifting :)

Class 4 - Star of the Week - 28.05.2021

Our star of the week is Lexi. She always follows the school rules and is a great role model to others.

Lexi is excelling in her learning, all her efforts are paying off!

Continue to work hard Lexi and reach for the stars. 



Class 4- Zoom with Sophie Henn

 Class 4 had an inspiring zoom meeting with Sophie Henn,learning to draw animals from basic shapes and using their skills to carefully shade in.  The children have drawn incredible cheetahs and throughly enjoyed the experience of listening to a famous author.



Tip from Sophie

We all have a choice and can do what we want!


Class 4 - Star of the Week - 21/05/2021

Our star of the week is Holly. She has completed a timed multiplication task which used tables up to 18.

Holly always gives 100% to everything and could be given this award every week. Well done 😊



🌟Star of the week🌟 class 4

Our star of the week is Noah. He has worked extremely hard in all areas of learning, confidently putting his hand up to answer questions. Your showing your getting ready for year 5. Thank you.



Class 4 - Star of the Week - 07/05/2021

Our star of the week is Darla.

She has shown an act of kindness to her peers, always on hand to help and an asset to class 4.



Star of the week

Our star ⭐️ is Olly. He has shown maturity and been ready to learn at every opportunity. Keep it up.



PHSE- It's my body

This afternoon class 4 have been learning about lifestyle choices,recognising that habits can have both positive and negative effects. Looking at how regular exercise benefits mental and physically, what contributes to a healthy diet and how to plan healthy meals. The children worked in pairs to stick pictures identifying how to keep our heart, head and muscles healthy. Good work class 4 you should all be as fit as a fiddle!



Class 4 Star of the week- 23/04/21

Our stars of the week are Bobby, Elizabeth S, Theo T, Leo, Holly H, Oliver, Lexi, Ava, Neve, Theo C, 
Holly W, Riley H, Timothy, Sidney, Noah, Elizabeth H and Gabriel.

Mrs Macdonald and myself are amazed by your efforts and creativity, your imaginations went wild! Your non-chronological reports are outstanding and you have all gone above and beyond our expectations.  Well done and thank you for all your hard work during the holidays.



Happy Easter from Year 4!

The children loved making Easter Egg Wreaths in Class 4 this week! We hope you like them too!

Happy Easter and we hope you all enjoy a well deserved break over the holiday!

Class 4- star of the week

Our star is Gabriel. He always tries his best, is a polite member of the class and an excellent role model. 



Smalley's Spring has sprung!




Smalley School's Red Nose Day 2021!



Thank you everyone for sharing your smiles all through school today!




Class 4 Star of the week- 05/03/21

I would like to congratulate you all on achieving star of the week, you have all worked extremely hard during this challenging time, put so much effort into your work, showing your smiley faces onto our meets each day and deserve to be rewarded so a MASSIVE well done. 😁😁😁😁😁😁


The Embark Award.

We have relaunched this post from October, as the Embark Award is a unique, special award for our academy of schools and whilst we are at home, we could still be working towards achieving the goals.  There are activities and experiences that we can't or must not do at the moment, but there are many that we can -  We think that many of us could do number 25 on 'Family' after last weekend's snow!  Please contact your class teacher children with a photograph/video of you achieving your goals and we will be able to award the stickers into your folders for when you return into school.

Good luck!


The Embark Award is part of the Trust’s wider offer to our children here at Richardson Endowed. 

Your child has been given a folder in school with 100 activities in to enable them to access a number of experiences before they leave us at age 11. 

The Embark Award is designed such that the children can carry out the activities at home or in school . They are linked to our core beliefs of Family, Integrity, Teamwork and Success! 
If you feel your child has achieved one of the activities please send evidence, such as a photograph, to Google Classroom where they will be given the appropriate sticker to mark off their achievement in their luxury folder. 

We hope that in the future folders will be able to come back and forth between home and school but at this time it is not possible. Therefore, please refer to all the information below, which is from the folder in school.

The EMBARK Award (Please click on this link here to access the full details of the award.)

The children are so excited about this new project so please encourage and enjoy some new experiences together. 



Saving our Environment - Spring term learning


Welcome back to the Spring Term and our brand new whole school and Embark theme of 'Saving the Environment'.

Each class has a special book(s) to inspire this term's learning  - we can't wait to see this term's work blossom, hopefully just like the beautiful tree on our school driveway.



Please dive into your class book and explore the potential that it holds - please comment below with thoughts, feelings, facts and ideas about your book so far - at the end of the term - all comments will go into a prize pot and a prize winner will be picked at random - good luck!

Here are the front covers of all of the class books - aren't they beautiful?  Front covers are so exciting, but wait until you get inside!


Class 4 Design and Technology Masterpieces

I'm so impressed with Year 4's wind chimes that I just had to share! We've analysed wind chimes, designed and made our own, both at home and school, and the children's efforts are phenomenal! A big thank you to all the parents and grandparents who have supported at home too! Our DT project developed a wide range of skills and linked with our theme and book 'Make More Noise!' I am a thrilled and very proud teacher! Here are a few of the final products. Well done indeed everyone!

Well done to our Smalley Richardson Community!

We just wanted to send our thanks to all those parents who have embraced home learning over the past 8 days! Yes we know this is only day 8 and it probably feels like a month! 

We understand that you are coping with so many different pressures at the moment. Even ensuring you have food in your cupboards is a task. Many of you are working from home, trying to do your own jobs and teach your children, often with no support from your wider families due to current restrictions. 

The Government have instructed all schools to make sure online learning provision is much more rigid and challenging which we at Smalley have done, but we also know that this puts extra pressure on you! Please know that we understand that you are doing your best! Your efforts will be rewarded by the progress your children make and you are doing a good job! 

Below is a song recorded by children in America to thank all the adults who are keeping people safe and well such as our NHS workers, teachers who educate, and parents who are doing a ‘good job’ in keeping their children safe and trying their very best to facilitate home learning.

Remember, there’s no job more important than being a parent! You are doing something quite extraordinary and we want to tell you so! 

Thank you for all your efforts with home learning-they truly are appreciated by all of us at Richardson Endowed. Enjoy the song below:

Alicia Keys - Good Job | Cover by One Voice Children's Choir | A Tribute to Covid-19 Heroes

LIMITED EDITION ALBUM on-sale now: All proceeds help fund our non-profit organization. Make a donation to support childre...

Take care and stay safe!

Mrs Mason


Good Afternoon Children!

Dear Children,

I am sending this message to say how sorry we are that our school has once again been forced to close to so many of you! As the Prime Minister, Mr Boris Johnson, only spoke to the whole country at 8pm last night it didn't even give your teachers chance to explain to you how you are going to be learning for the next few weeks!

I am therefore writing this to say that from tomorrow your teachers will be contacting you each day on Google Classroom Meet. Later this afternoon I will send an email to your parents to let them know what time your live check-in is. We know that some of you will have brothers or sisters who will need to check in at the same time and we will try to avoid as many clashes where possible. Please do not worry if this happens; you may have to take it in turns! You will still be able to access all the work via Google Classrooms and contact your teachers during the school day.

Please try your best to work hard at home just like you do at school ! I hope to see you all soon !

Stay safe

Mrs Mason.


The Richardson Endowed Christmas Special


Christmas performances are a big part of any school year. Although we have not been able to invite you in to see our regular shows, each class has prepared their very own Christmas message. We hope our digital performances add a little festive cheer to your day.






Class 4 Christmas Video

Class 4- star of the week

Our star of the week is Amelia. She is a perfect role model, always on hand to help, polite and a well mannered pupil. Amelia amazes us each day with her enthusiasm, attitude towards learning and the quality of Amelia’s work is outstanding. Well done 👏🏻 


Christmas Tree of Hope

Class 4’s Tree of Hope has had a festive makeover!


Class 4’s Christmas Scene

We’ve had a busy and very festive week in Class 4 so far. Here the children are using their paint blending and paper cutting skills to create a super wintry scene...

Reading, reading, reading




The class with the most comments about the books that they are reading will be announced shortly....

AND the winners with 19 comments are Class 2! 

Well done children.  Please keep reading and enjoying your books and enjoy using your special bookmarks.


A BIG well done and thank you to all of the children and staff that commented.. There are some beautiful books being read and it's a great list to look at for some recommendations.

Keeeeeeeeeeeeep reading!


Class 4- star of the week

Our star of the week is Elizabeth. She is a delight to teach and an excellent role model. Elizabeth achieved star of the week for her English writing. Her handwriting and presentation is flawless. Excellent use of paragraphs and her language implemented into her work  is astonishing. 



Class 4- star of the week

Our star of the week is Harley. He has worked extremely hard, very very attentive and engaging in lessons. Fantastic Harley keep it up! ⭐️ 



Class 4 -Dance lesson

 During class 4’s PE/dance lesson we focused on the end of the war, commemoration and remembrance movements.

warm up

American Ragtime! Move to lively, optimistic ragtime beat:step 2,3, pose! 

sequence 1: Grizzly bear dance



This dance sequence is humorous. Step 2,3, show your  claws! Step 2,3 claws! Step 2,3,4,5,6,7, claws! Who looks the most terrifying?

Sequence 2: No mans land



FREEZE! Show your battle pose.


Reading, reading, reading - at least 3 times a week please



In our Zoom assembly on Friday, Mrs Mason shared with the children some information about the super reading training that some of the teachers had attended.  One of the key messages from the course was all about the importance of reading regularly.  We read all the time at school and that regular practise at home makes all the difference.  Remember children, you signed your school agreement in September saying that you would read 3 times a week - go explore the exciting world of literature - go to places that you can only imagine.  Even in Lockdown we can explore places we never knew were possible.  Please share below in the comments the books you are enjoying at the moment - let's try to get every one to comment - tell your friends - share the good news of books and the power of being able to read.

Here is one to start us off - James in Class R enjoying his book - James, just like your top says, you are totally 'ROARSOME'! (original message 22/11/20 relaunched 2/12/20)

The class with the most reading comments in the box below will receive a class prize (closing date 8.30 am Friday, 11th December 2020)




Class 4- star of the week

Our star of the week is amazing Holly.W. She always, always tries her best in all areas of learning even if the task is a challenge. Holly's behaviour is exceptional and a joy to teach  I could go on and on with positive words about Holly. Thankyou 

Holly keep going! 




Good morning children, in our Zoom assembly today, we celebrated our Stars of the Week - we felt very proud of our classmates and of ourselves. 

Everyone has the right to feel pride in themselves and in the work that they do. 

Ask yourself every day - "What have I done today to make myself feel proud?"

Please enjoy our special assembly song - maybe you would like to sing along with the words at home:


Proud - Heather Small

An awesome song *_____** I own nothing *

Class 4 science- investigating gases

What we did.....




Class 4- star of the week

Our star is Theo. Theo completed a war poster using imperative verbs, rhetorical questions, images of inspiration, fabulous vocabulary and beautifully presented. Thank you for your work ⭐️.

Class 4-PE

Joe Wicks took today’s PE lesson!

Class 4 ⭐️Star of the week ⭐️

Our star of the week is Ava. She has been working extremely hard at home to complete her times tables and now taking on the challenge of mixed. We are so proud of you Ava. Keep practising and well done. 



Our Remembrance Service 11th November 2020



Today we held our annual Remembrance service in school, but this year of course things had to be different; instead of a hall full of children, parents and the wider community, our Year 6 pupils led the service from our school car park by the war memorial. 


Our year 5 children were able to join us outside and Mr Reckless came to play 'The Last Post' and other war song favourites alongside Mr Mason on the drums.  Mr Bower, from the Parish Council, came to lay a wreath along with Mr Wilton and Mr Aldred from the Smalley Old Boys. We also welcomed Mr Barham our local representative from the Royal British Legion. Our visitors stayed on the pavement at a safe social distance from our children. 


Today was, of course, so different to our usual community event and yet, in other ways it wasn’t different at all. The reason being that our Year 6 led the service with confidence and such respect for the boys who came to their school, who played in their playground, who went off to war and never returned. What an honour and a privilege to see the children show such respect in the way they spoke, behaved and carried out their duties to remember our Smalley soldiers and the sacrifice they made for us. 


Every child and adult in school took part in a minute’s silence, safe within their own class bubbles, they listened to the Last Post from the playground. Later in the day all the classes sowed poppy seeds to mark the occasion. 


Thank you for your empty pop bottles -we hope you agree that they now look wonderful as recycled poppies to decorate our 'Rainbow Tree of Hope and Remembrance'. 


We are so sad that we couldn’t invite you all to share in this special day in our school calendar but we hope you enjoy the photographs and feel proud of all of our children, as we do. 

Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing

As we approach another lockdown, it is more important than every to take care of our mental, as well as our physical health, and to seek help. This can feel a very challenging, distressing and anxious time for children, young people and adults alike. There are lots of useful telephone support lines on the website below which has a section for parents and carers, as well as links to NHS support and other support services and campaigns. Please do visit the website if you have any concerns at all, and obviously please also feel free to contact us in school. 

Derby and Derbyshire Mental Health and Wellbeing website

Please also clink on the link below for the 'Mental Health in Derby and Derbyshire for Children, Young People, Parents and Carers' leaflet for further support and guidance.


It is a very difficult time for all concerned and we do appreciate that in school and are here to support our children, parents, carers and community so please do seek support and remember we will help in any way we can.

Please take care, stay safe and as far as possible do what makes you and your family happy to protect your mental health and wellbeing. Go for walks as a household, tell jokes, play games, eat and sleep well and keep fit and healthy.

Stay safe and best wishes from Team Smalley



This is an idea being shared through social media.

During the first lockdown, we all put rainbows in our windows. Due to the Remembrance Services being cancelled, why don't we all colour a poppy picture and display them in our windows?  Lest We Forget.

Please click on the link below to find some poppy colouring pages. It would be lovely to see our Smalley windows decorated.

Smalley School's online Pumpkin Parade 2020

Thank you for all of the gorgeous pumpkin photographs - please enjoy the slideshow!  

Can you spot Mrs Reckless' pumpkin?!



Our Online Pumpkin Parade



The Smalley School tradition, for the last few years, has been that on the last day of half term children have excitedly brought in their amazingly carved pumpkin for a Pumpkin Parade.  Our wonderful PTFA have served hot chocolate, marshmallows and cookies and kindly given prizes for the winning pumpkins; parents and children have wandered around looking at the gorgeous designs and enjoyed chatting and wishing one another well for the holiday ahead.  Unfortunately this could not take place today, but just for now, let's capture the tradition in a different way. 

If you're carving a pumpkin this week, ready for the 31st of October, then please send us a photograph to

We will then create an online pumpkin display - celebrating our pumpkins.  

We can't wait to see them children.

Wishing you and your families a very happy half term.  Keep safe and enjoy your time together.


Year 4 Clay Portraits

Continuing with our 3D focus in Art, Class 4 have been creating clay portraits to link with the characters in the stories they’ve been busy writing for our Reconnect theme. Here are photos of work in progress and a few finished articles too!


Looking after our wellbeing

We're so pleased to be here in school supporting the children, staff and community in keeping mentally (and physically) healthy and we understand that children, like adults, need to talk now more than ever. We're here for the children and we keep checking in on their wellbeing. It's good to talk and, as we approach the end of term already, let's keep the conversation going, keep supporting each other, keep sharing our thoughts, fears, worries, hopes and dreams. We love having all of the children back in school and we love seeing their resilience, hope, positivity and emotional intelligence. Be kind, be accepting, be patient and care for yourselves and each other :)



class 4- star of the week

Our star of the week is Lucy. She always tries her best in everything she does, beautiful handwriting, lovely manners and a pleasure to have in the classroom.



Class 4 weekly spellings

Please continue to help your child learn their spellings each week. Thank you.


Group 1                    Group 2                   Group 3

division                     division                       are

invasion                    invasion                     back

confusion                 confusion                    asked

decision                    decision                     called

collision                    collision                     about

television                  television






Class 4's Star of the Week

On Friday, we celebrated Jacob being our 'Star of the Week'... and well deserved this was too! Jacob is a superstar learner, always so positive, resilient, engaged and always tries his best. Very well done indeed Jacob and thank you so much for all your hard work!



World Mental Health Day 10th October 2020



World Mental Health Day 2020 is the most important one yet. The months of lockdown and loss have had a huge impact on us all, and prioritising mental health has never been more important than it is now. Our mental health is just like our physical health: everybody has it and we need to take care of it, children and adults alike.

This year's theme set by the World Federation for Mental Health is 'mental health for all'.

One of the activities that World Mental Health Day are promoting is making time for 'Tea and Talk'. A cuppa, whether that's tea with friends, or milkshakes or hot chocolate with your children, is a great way to unwind and also provides an opportunity to talk. Remember, when asking how someone is, always ask twice and always actively listen to their response. Are they really ok? Don't forget also that it's ok not to be ok: we can all feel low. Be there for each other. We at Richardson Endowed Primary are here for you all too.

If you would like to take 'Tea and Talk' further, are encouraging 'Tea and Talk' fundraisers (Covid secure of course):



Click here if you would like to take part and download a 'Tea and Talk' pack.

There are so many websites, apps and online resources that promote wellbeing and support mental health so let's make use of them and let's talk and support each other too.

For tips on everyday living visit and there are more opportunities to fund raise through this charity too.

There are lots of ways to support children with their wellbeing which can be vital if your child is feeling low but which also offer lovely calming, bonding opportunities for all children (and adults) generally. Visit the Calm Zone on Childline's website for fun games, calming breathing activities and mindfulness exercises which are really lovely to do.



Yoga makes you feel amazing and is wonderful for your mental health. Why not try yoga as a family? There are lots of yoga tutorials on YouTube and many are aimed at children too. Or why not try the poses for children attached here:




Also invaluable is meditation and breathing. There are some great apps which can be really beneficial at bed time in particular for children. InsightTimer has a lovely section for children and is free, or why not try some of these exercises:


I hope you are all keeping safe and well this weekend and please enjoy doing something to promote your own, and other's wellbeing, whether that's any of the above or just being with family, doing something your love, being out in nature or having a laugh! A new book at home has given myself and my son a giggle this Saturday as we've really enjoyed telling each other silly jokes:



Laughter really is the best medicine!

Stay safe and wishing you all a happy, healthy World Mental Health Day 2020.


Class 4- Star of the week

⭐️ Well done Holly ⭐️

Holly your English comprehension was impressive you achieved all of the success criteria and accepted the challenge of creating 5 questions for me to answer. (Did I get them all correct?)



Spellings- week 4


Please help your child to write and learn their weekly spellings. The sheets do not need to be returned to school once completed.



Anti bullying assembly

Class 4 have taken part in the 2020 anti bullying assembly



The children discussed their own experiences and how it made them feel. The children saw how the ambassadors work and the impact that it's making.


Class 4's Dragon Eyes

Yesterday in Art, the children created their own dragon eyes using clay, acrylic dragon eyes and tools and techniques to create decorative patterns. This was to link with our 3D focus in Art and also 'First Flight' which is the heart-warming story in The Book of Hopes about a baby dragon who learns to fly. Here is a selection of the children's super creations:


Class 4's Tree of Hope

We're really pleased with our Tree of Hope in Class 4. The children used colour and mark-making in Art to create our unique leaves in rainbow colours to link with our 'Reconnect' theme this term. They also used leaves to print on clay and created the beautiful clay pendents which they painted, again in rainbow colours. The children then wrote down their hopes and wishes for the year which we've included in our tree display as well. They really enjoyed creating our Tree of Hope and we think it looks fab. Well done Class 4!

Welcome back!



Good morning children! We can’t wait to see you this morning ready to start a new year at Smalley Richardson! Your teachers have been working so hard to get your classrooms ready for learning again! You will have lots of new rules to follow to help keep everyone safe but we know you can do it! 

See you very soon,

from Mrs Mason and everyone at school