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Class 3

Class 3 Newsletter - April 2022

Class 3 Newsletter - March 2022

New class page layout- 14/2/2022


We hope you like the new layout of our class pages. 


Going forward, we will share our learning with you in this new format. To view our learning please click 'learning', then click on our global theme for the half term.


Our global themes are as follows:


Autumn 1- Identity and diversity

Autumn 2- Peace and conflict


Spring 1- Social justice

Spring 2- Environment


Summer 1- Heritage 

Summer 2- The world and beyond



Algorithms and coding


As part of our computing lessons, we have been learning how to write code to create an algorithm (a set of instructions).


This week, the children were challenged to write an algorithm for a dance. They were very inventive with their ways to do this. In groups, they worked together to write a code that would allow them to complete the dance. They overcame problems by 'debugging' their code to make it accurate.

Writing code for our dance

Still image for this video

Gold Book- 4/2/22


In the Gold Book for Class 3 today is...



For making positive choices and showing a good attitude towards learning. Well done Harrison, it is great to see.



For showing integrity- Oscar has consistently made the right choices.



For always being a superstar and having a positive attitude.


Ava & Ruby

For both showing resilience, especially in Maths. They kept on going even when it was tough. You can do it!



Always smart, always helpful, always kind, always ready and always doing the right thing. What a superstar!

Time to talk - 3/2/22


Today we took part in Time To Talk Day for mental health awareness. This afternoon we made sure we had 'time to talk' to each other.


We shared a glass of juice and used 'conversation starters' to talk to different people in our class. We discussed what the term mental health means and how we can look after our own and support others to look after theirs.


The class were great at thinking of ways to speak to one another about things that might be worrying them.


There was lots of kind words and empathy shown towards this sensitive subject- super proud as always Class 3!





Punctuation pasta!


Today, we have been recapping our use of inverted commas to mark speech.

The children used 'punctuation pasta' to mark the speech from our story.

We were then able to write the speech correctly using the correct punctuation, including exclamation marks, question marks and commas.


This will help us when completing our writing this week, great work Class 3!





Balls of emotion

This half term in class 3, we have been working really hard to understand each of our emotions and arm ourselves with the tools to deal with them.
Class 3 had the most wonderful discussion about what some of our emotions feel and look like. Putting feelings into words can be quite a tricky concept? Not for Class 3...
Here are a few favourite quotes:
"Happy feels like a warm hug."
"Worry feels like noodles in your brain."
"Sad feels like a rain cloud in your heart." 
"Happiness is like songs and sunshine in your heart." 
"Sadness is a boat on the sea, it floats away and doesn't stay long."
As a class, we shared ideas about how to help ourselves and others when feeling an emotion we want to change. The class showed amazing empathy and thoughtfulness towards one another.

Letters to Jo'Burg


As part of our writing sequence we are going to be writing a letter as Naledi- the main character from our text.


Today, we became feature detectives and annotated all the features we need to write a fantastic letter. 


The children discussed how and why people might send letters and why this is an appropriate form of communication for our character. 



A character description


Class 3 have been working towards writing a character description of the main character from this terms core text 'Journey to Jo'Burg'. The presentation of Class 3's work has improved so much and they are doing a fantastic job of applying all their new knowledge to their independent writing.




Friday 21st January 2022- Gold Book

It is always a difficult decision to choose just 6 children to be in Gold Book each week but,  this week's stars are...


Sophiefor making such a fantastic improvement with her handwriting and overall presentation. Well done, Sophie!


Dallas- for trying his best and making such progress with his Maths. Dallas always wants to challenge himself to be an independent learner.


Moira- Moira has shown resilience across all subjects- she keeps going even when it gets tough. She has made huge improvements to her writing and is working hard to improve handwriting and it shows. Well done, Moira!


Oliver- for consistently making good choices and for trying his best at all times.


Ashton- for trying his best and accepting a challenge to further himself. Well done Ashton- you can do it!


Lucas - for making positive choices and being a good friend to others. Lucas has worked really hard this week especially in English. Well done Lucas- you’re a superstar!


Welcome back- Spring term!


It has been so wonderful to welcome all the children back into class this week.


In Class 3, the children started the week by being immersed in the setting of our new core text 'Journey to Jo'burg'. They took a virtual flight to South Africa and explored the landscapes, animals and key events. They took part in a Kahoot! quiz all about South Africa which helped to recap their prior knowledge and learn new information. 


In Maths this week, the children have been using practical methods to multiply and divide. The children have worked collaboratively to solve problems and have been excellent at verbally explaining their methods and answers. 


What a fantastic first week Class 3, well done!


Class 3 Newsletter - January 2022

Christmas β›„

Today, Class 3 had a lovely festive day in school. We have enjoyed Christmas dinner, Christmas jumpers, magic reindeer food and singing with friends.


I would just like to say, thank you for a wonderful term Class 3, you have all worked so hard. I can't wait to see you all in January, refreshed and ready to go.


Have a very Merry Christmas 🌲 and enjoy this time with your families.


Miss Berridge 😊




As part of our Stone Age topic this half term, we have been learning about Stonehenge. We used technology to locate Stonehenge on a map, we took a virtual tour and researched some of the theories surrounding why it was built.



We then had a go at recreating our own Stonehenge using biscuits!

We found this really tricky but, it gave us an insight into how difficult it would have been for the Stone Age people. We developed our resilience and teamwork skills during this learning as we needed to work together to balance our stones (biscuits), just like the Stone Age people!


Our showcase!


Class 3's final outcome for this half term was to showcase their learning, across all subjects, to another class in school.


Today, Class 3 did a fantastic job of welcoming Class 2 into the classroom and sharing their learning.


Thery created different stations for each subject and appointed 'tour guides' to explain the learning that has taken place to Class 2. Class 3 did a fantastic job of articulating their learning from the past 8 weeks to their peers.


The children all agreed they felt proud of themselves for how much new knowledge they have and that they were able to share this with others. 

Well done Class 3!



Stone Age Cave paintings


In Class 3, we have completed our cave paintings to display in our 'showcase of learning'.

We stained the paper we were using to make them look like they were from the Stone Age. Then, we carefully sketched our drawings before painting them in Stone Age colours.

The end result looks wonderful- well done Class 3!

Feeling festive πŸŽ…

This afternoon, Class 3 we have been getting in the festive spirit.


We had lots of fun making Christmas cards for our families and listening to Christmas music πŸŽΌπŸŽ„.



We hope you enjoy them! πŸŽ…β›„



Soil pudding!


This afternoon in class 3, we have been learning about the different layers of rocks and soil.


We made a 'soil pudding' and used different types of food to represent each layer of the soil and rock.


The children were able to name and identify the 4 layers of rock.


It obviously helped that the final product was so delicious πŸ˜‹.


Super Science work class 3! 

Showing respect to ourselves and others


As part of our learning for our 'peace and conflict' theme this half term, we have been learning about showing respect to others and ourselves. The children were able to identify the importance of respect when resolving conflicts.


Class 3 were also able to explain what respect means to them and what it may look like and sound like at school and home.


The children role played different scenarios and discussed the importance of self respect in the scenarios.


 Class 3 collectively came up with wonderful of ideas about why they are important as individuals, what makes them special and  how they show respect to themselves.


A lovely and thought provoking lesson for all of Class 3.


Miss Berridge


Cave painting


During this half term in Class 3, we have been learning about The Stone Age.

In our Art lessons we have been learning about why and how Stone Age people created cave paintings.

Today, we used natural coloured paints to recreate cave paintings in our sketchbooks.

The children thoroughly enjoyed this and have produced some fantastic work.

Super work again Class 3.


Miss Berridge, Mrs Gregory and Mrs Straw.


Anti-bullying week 2021- One Kind Word

As part of Anti-bullying week we have been discussing and thinking of ways to be kind, the importance of kindness and the impact it has on others and ourselves.
We collectively thought of 'one kind word' in line with this year's theme. Using our words, we made a kindness chain to display in our classroom and remind us of the impact of just 'one kind word'. 
During lunchtime, the children were given the challenge of saying one kind word (or more) to someone different on the playground. The children thoroughly enjoyed this and I loved hearing all the wonderful things they had been saying to eachother. My favourite quote of the week was...
"when your kind to someone it makes them happy and you happy- it's like a boomerang" ❀️
Thank you for always being wonderful class 3 🌟

Strictly come Smalley!

What an exciting and fun filled day we have had in school today!


We had 6 wonderful entries from Class 3 and it was a very close vote to choose our finalist for the whole school finale.


Our chosen finalists did us proud and performed in front of the whole school with such confidence- rightly so as they went on to win the entire competitionπŸ…


The most magical part of the day was the kindness the children showed each other, regardless of the outcome of the competition. The compliments and kind words that were exchanged between the children showed how their maturity has grown.


Well done class 3⭐️


A very proud Miss Berridge 😊



We will remember them 


Today we have been learning about Remembrance Day and discussing the importance of remembering those from the war. We learned why the poppy represents this special day and how people around the country show their respect on this day.


The children showed their respect in school by taking part in a minutes silence at 11:00 am.

We had the pleasure of visiting the memorial at the front of our school. We saw the beautiful wreaths and had some time to reflect and think of those who fell during the conflict.


The children also discussed how this links with our theme of 'peace and conflict', we thought of ways we solve conflicts in our lives and how this creates a peaceful place to be.







Stone Age Jewellery


As part of our 'hook' for this half term's topic, we made our own 'Stone Age Jewellery'.


We researched Stone Age artefacts and the jewellery that people wore. Next, we designed and made our own. We couldn't use animal bones like the real Stone Age people so we used clay instead (we were quite pleased about that)!


When our clay finally dried, we made them into necklaces which we all wore with pride today.


We are so pleased with the final result and we are looking forward to presenting these in our 'showcase' at the end of our half term.







This week in Class 3, we are going to write our own newspaper report- using our Stone Age topic for inspiration.


To begin, we have been reading real newspapers and unpicking the features to help us understand how we will write our own.


We collectively made a list of all the features we noticed- we are going to use this to help us write our own newspaper report by the end of this week.






Class 3 Newsletter - Autumn Term 2 2021

Parents Evening - November 2021

Welcome back to Autumn 2


A warm welcome back to all of class 3, it was lovely to see everyone and their smiling faces back in the classroom today.


This half term our core text is 'Stone Age Boy', we will be using this text to support our learning in many of the curriculum areas. This will support our final outcome at the end of term, where we will be showcasing our learning to another class in school. 


We started off the term today by using the front cover of our book to infer information and predict what we think will happen in the story. We collectively wondered about our book and created questions which we hope to have answered soon.


Miss Berridge.

A wonderful end to an excellent half term!


We have had a fantastic half term in class 3 and the children have all settled into life as 'Juniors' with ease.


This week we have been scientists, authors and mathematicians! Everyone has worked extremely hard to conduct our investigation in Science- do people with longer legs jump further? The children made predictions and drew conclusions from their results.


In English, we have edited and completed our setting description, using fantastic vocabulary to engage our readers.


Finally, in Maths we have been mastering addition and subtraction using various methods. Well done class 3!


We ended the week by crafting our very own pumpkins ready for Halloween πŸŽƒ.


I hope you have a restful and safe break, I look forward to welcoming you all back after half term.


Miss Berridge 😊




Our Pumpkin Parade

Thank you to all the children and their families for the wonderful pumpkins

that came to school yesterday - so many different designs.

It was so lovely to see so many parents and children after school for our Pumpkin Parade - thank you for supporting our PTFA event.



Class 3 have really 'WOWED' me this week with their reading skills!


We have been using our reading VIPERS to help us understand pictures and texts. 


Today, we took part in a picture carousel and used our skills to infer meaning from the pictures. We wrote down our ideas and shared these with the class.


The children have been fantastic at putting on their 'author hats' and looking for clues to understand how the author wants us to feel when we read.


Class 3 - I wonder if next time you read to your grown-ups at home, you can 'wow' them by using your inference skills?


Miss Berridge smiley

Reading for pleasure


We have been really enjoying 'reading for pleasure' in Class 3 this week.

The children have enjoyed getting comfortable in the classroom and using our reading area to enjoy our favourite books.

The children have loved sharing their book recommendations with their friends and have been using our reading 'VIPERS' to discuss their books.







Spelling contractions

Today in Class 3 we have been revising our contraction spellings.

We have been 'surgeons' and had lots of fun chopping up the words and putting them back together to make their correct contractions. We also revised the use of the apostrophe to mark where the letters were. 

This will help us tomorrow when we begin to write our poems.


Well done Class 3, another fantastic day!




Guided reading


Our guided reading book this week is Forest Creatures. Today our focus was vocabulary, retrieving information and identifying key details from the text. We used the contents page to find out what was included in the book. Rainforests on page 12 was our favourite.




Welcome to Class 3


Hello and welcome to class 3's first post on our new website. We are all looking forward to sharing our exciting work with you.


A little update of our first few weeks of the new academic year:

We have been settling into our new classroom and enjoying being back together as a class.

We began the year by creating our own ‘class charter’ which includes our class rules and ways we keep ourselves safe in school. We were lucky enough to win the competition for KS2- we thought of the most ways that our school keeps us safe. This meant we had a fantastic treat of ice lollies on Friday- well done class 3!


We have been working really hard on our work based on our class text ‘The Adventures of Catvinkle’. The children have really enjoyed this book so far and are keen to find out how and why Catvinkle can fly? We have been using our reading skills to understand the characters thoughts and feelings in the text. This has lead to some excellent role play from the children during our hot seating task!



In Science we have been learning about the 5 food groups. The children did a fantastic job of remembering what they have already learned in Year 1 and 2. They built upon this knowledge by grouping foods and learning the functions of the different food types.




We began our geography topic ‘counties’ by visiting ‘The Museum of Derbyshire’ (in our classroom). We learned lots of facts and information about our county- including local foods and special places. 


We are looking forward to another week full of learning in class 3!


Miss Berridge.

Class 3 Newsletter - Autumn (1) 2021