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Star of the week 25/03/22


Darcey- progressing through the reading stages and reading at home. Super proud of you Darcey.


Charlie- Charlie worked the hardest ive ever seen him work. He has produced a fantastic piece of writing, just shows if you put the effort in, you will succeed.


Elosie, Lacey & Molly- BEAR GRYLLS WATCH OUT!

These three girls have presented their work into origanised paragraphs, used headings, images and convinced me to go on an adventurous wild camp...... I'll let you know how it goes!


Joe- working incredible hard in maths on multiplication and division. Well done Joe.

⭐️STARS OF THE WEEK 11/03/22 ⭐️



Honey has been determined to gain her pen licence and with a lot of persevering and determination, she's done it! Well done.


Ollie, Morgan and Isabella 

Model students always ready to learn, work incredible hard and respectful. 



Roman has stepped up to challenges in class and giving 100% to his work. Thank you and keep it up!




Hewie is working exceptionally hard in maths, especially on his times tables and fractions. Well done.


Stars of the week 04/02/22


Mrs Macdonald and myself could not choose 6 children this week. Class 4 have made us proud for using their initiative, sharing equipment, supporting each other and being a team (can you put your finger there so I can tie a knot please?) All children have followed the correct DT process. Firstly, researching about wind chimes including features i.e. Platter, sail, clapper and  materials. Then they began to design their own wind chimes and list the materials they would like to us. Next gather the materials from home and bring them into school ready to make. Finally, to evaluate (what am I missing?) I hope you are amazed as much as we are! Our next task is to test the wind chimes.

Well done class 4

Olivia & Amber- Both girls had a great attitude towards their first attempt at division work and completed the task successfully. Well done.


Samuel- Is always polite, hard working, a great friend and a fantastic role model in class. Thank you.


Ollie- Ollie is the homework king, as soon as the homework is set, Ollie gets home he works tremendously hard to complete and always correct. Keep up your hard work.


Myla & Edith- WOW girls they are amazing! Both girls decided to make a wind chime as a practise run ready for their DT lesson. How fantastic. Great work.



Keep up your hard work, you are all superstars!