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Gold Book

Class 3 Gold Book




I am so proud of Riley and how much progress he is making in all subjects. He works extremely hard in school but also at home with his reading, homework and times table practice. Well done, Riley!



Allegyra has made a great start to her setting description. She used ambitious vocabulary to ensure her work was to a high standard. She also used her previous learning and made her she applied this to her independent writing.



Ollie has produced a fantastic first draft of his setting description in English. He carefully chose adjectives to describe the nouns and created some wonderful sentences. I can’t wait to read the final piece!



Sophie, Ava and Ashton

These children have worked incredibly hard in Maths this week (fractions). They have shown resilience when facing challenging questions. They have worked well with their partners to ‘prove it’ to show their understanding.



Class 3 Gold Book- 8/4/22

I am extremely proud of ALL of Class 3 this week. They presented their work in our final outcome exhibition to their parents with such confidence and pride.



Mason & Florence B

For excelling in their role as class ambassadors and representing the class and school to such a high standard.



It has been so wonderful to see Joel grow in confidence this past term. He contributes to our learning in such a wonderful and thoughtful way. Thank you, Joel, what a pleasure to have you in our class.



…Or should I say Miss Johnson. Bella is a fantastic helper in the class for everyone. Bella has shown great progress within her Maths work, measuring length, and has used her new knowledge to help others. Definitely a future teacher in the making!



For always putting in 100% to every subject. Kian is a true Smalley Star, every day! 


Florence H

For being a kind and caring friend to others in the class. Once Florence has mastered something she is able to share this with others in our class to help them.

Gold Book 25/3/2022


Oliver, Darcey and Jasmine

For all showing excellent progress with their reading. They have used their VIPERS to unpick a variety of texts and have shown that they can ‘think deeply’ about what they are reading.



For fantastic effort across all areas of school. Moira has been trying her hardest and showing resilience with her work. Even when it's been tricky Moira hasn’t given up.



Jacob has been so resilient and focused this week, he has given all his work 100%. His hard work has certainly paid off- well done Jacob!



Reuben has shown a fantastic level of maturity this week with fantastic behaviour- a true Smalley Star and role model for others. So proud of you!


Gold Book- 11/3/2022



for always striving to improve her work and make it the best it can be. Allegyra has worked hard to use ambitious vocabulary in English to make her writing truly outstanding.



for having a mature and sensible attitude towards all aspects of school. Well done Logan.



for making positive changes and working hard to make improvements- it is so great to see. 



for being a super scientist when setting up our experiment earlier this week. 



for trying hard with her Maths and pushing herself to move on and accept a challenge.



Jessica is a true always pupil. She is consistently smart and sensible, she always makes the right choice. She has also been a kind and helpful friend to her partner in class- what a superstar!

Gold Book- 4/2/2022


In the Gold Book for Class 3 today is...



For making positive choices and showing a good attitude towards learning. Well done Harrison, it is great to see.



For showing integrity- Oscar has consistently made the right choices.



For always being a superstar and having a positive attitude.


Ava & Ruby

For both showing resilience, especially in Maths. They kept on going even when it was tough. You can do it!



Always smart, always helpful, always kind, always ready and always doing the right thing. What a superstar!