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The Environment

Key Vocabulary for the Half Term


Save/Saving – To look after or keep something safe.

Responsibility – Something that is your job or duty.

Environment – Everything that surrounds us.

Living Things Life forms (plants and animals) that inhabit Earth.

Damage – When something is hurt or harmed.

Extinct – When there are no more of a plant or animal on Earth.

Endangered - A species seriously at risk of extinction.

Reduce – To use something less.

Reuse – To use more than once.

Recycle – Turn waste into new materials.

Measuring in Maths 7.3.22

Today we went looking for things around the school grounds that were taller or longer than a 30cm ruler, shorter than a 30cm ruler or about the same length. We talked about putting items together at the bottom to make sure our comparisons were accurate. 

Challenge! Can you find things around your home that are longer, shorter or about the same length as a ruler?

Sharing our Core Texts

(2nd March 2022)

As part of our book week we had a very special assembly this Wednesday. Representatives from each class took the opportunity to share the book their class will be focussing on this half term. They went on to explain how their book fits into our whole school theme of ‘Saving our Environment’. It was a joy to see children sharing their enthusiasm of reading and looking forward to a half term packed with learning.

Our Core Texts


Class 1 - Window

Author and Illustrator: Jeannie Baker


Class 2 - Greta and the Giants 

Author: Zoë Tucker Illustrator: Zoe Persico


Class 3 - Once Upon a Raindrop (The Story of Water) 

Author: James Carter Illustrator: Nomoco


Class 4 - The Lost Book of Adventure  

Author: Unknown Author Editor: Teddy Keen


Class 5 - Natural World

Authors: Amanda Wood & Mike Jolley Illustrator: Owen Davey


Class 6 - Greta's Story (The Schoolgirl Who Went on Strike to Save the Planet)

Author: Valentina Camerini Translation:  Moreno Giovannoni Illustrator: Veronica Carratello

Welcome to Spring 2

This week we have started to look at one of our new core texts, 'Window' by Jeannie Baker. We have looked closely at how the view from the window changes and linked this with caring for our environment. We have looked at the view from each of our classroom windows.