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Great Game Playing!

Thank you to the group of Year 1 children that attended the Board Games Club this half term - you all played so well.


The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Quiz

To celebrate the wonderful occasion of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, we thought we would create a Queen fact file.  Simply add a comment which tells us a fact about Queen Elizabeth II.  

For every comment that is posted by Friday, 1st June 2012 there will be a prize, which will be handed out during assembly.


Planting Sunflowers in Class One

Yesterday we planted lots of sunflowers for the Garden Sale which will be happening later on in the summer!

At the Seaside I love to...

In Class One we have been writing seaside poems. Each line of the poem began with the words "At the seaside I love to...". Well done Class One for some super ideas in your poems. They look great!

Here is a small selection of the poems:

Class1 newsletter summer term

At the Seaside



Welcome back! This term in Class One our topic is Seasides and we have got lots of fun things planned! We will be looking at holidays from the past, compared to those holidays we have today. We will be reading and writing seaside poems, writing fantasy stories about Aliens on their holidays, playing in our new ice cream shop, making moving pictures for the story of the Light House Keeper's Lunch and much much more. Watch this space for pictures of the children's work and acitivities that they have become involved in.

If possible could your child bring in a photograph taken on a recent holiday to aid discussion in our History lesson this Friday 27th April.

Also if you have anything else at home which you feel may enhance our topic please do not hesitate to send things in:-)


Many thanks!

Board Games Club - Class 1

Art Exhibition

Thanks to all who attended the Art exhibition this afternoon. There was a lovely atmosphere in the hall and it was great to hear such kind comments about the childrens work. Thank you to the PTFA for organising and to Mrs. Shaw and team for displaying the work. Of course thank you also to the staff for their ideas and art lesson and most important of all thank you children for all your beautiful work!

Enjoy the video!

Parking posters

After our visit from Mr Howett, Class One have made some wonderful posters telling people where they should not park around our school. Look out for them soon around our school!

Measuring in Class One!

Class One have been very busy today using and applying their measuring skills to make tents for our toys! We began the lesson by watching the following videos and then it was hands on to measure up our toys and make their tents. What a fantastic morning Class One, you all worked so well together! Well done!


Where can we park?

In Geography, Class One have been studying the traffic around our school. Last week we studied a map of Smalley and put stars on the maps to indicate where people park their cars around our school. Yesterday, Matthew's Daddy, who is a police man, very kindly came into school to talk to Class One about road safety and where people should and should not park. The Class had a lovely afternoon and have gained lots of information which will support them in making posters this week to inform people where they can and cannot park.


Leaflets in Class One

Class One have been learning all about non- fiction information texts. They have made some fantastic leaflets all about plants for our flower shop! They look fabulous!! Great work Class One, I am so proud of all your hard work!


Art in Class One

Class One have made some fantastic flower sculptures out of clay. They look great! Well done Class One!


Money in Class One

In Class One this week we are learning all about money in numeracy. Here are a selection of games  and activities that you can explore at home. Have fun!


Thank you!

Thank you to all those children that remembered their wellies today! We had great fun exploring all the different types of plants that are in the school grounds. Over the next few weeks Mrs Evans will be working with groups of children from our class to plant some flowers around our school grounds!

Is our school on a busy road?

In Geography we are exploring the question "Is our school on a busy road?" On Thursday afternoon we ventured upto the top car park with our clipboards to record what we could see and what was happening outside our school.

Sculptures in Class One

In our Art lessons we are learning all about sculptures and over the half term we will be exploring different mediums to make different sculptures of flowers, fitting in with our topic. We were busy on Wednesday afternoon making flower sculptures using clay and plasticine.

Wellies on Friday!

Welcome back. This half term we are learning all about Plants. On Friday 24th we are going to be exploring all the plants within the school grounds and therefore could get a little muddy! If possible could your child bring in a pair of wellies on Friday to help avoid getting too muddy!

Thank you.


Literacy in Class One

This week Class One have been learning how to order words alphabetically. Here are some games you can explore at home to improve your alphabetical ordering skills. We have even been looking at how to order words that begin with the same letter!


Builders in Class One

In D&T we have been designing houses. Our plans are now ready and we have begun making our houses! We will look forwards to posting the completed houses on the website next week.

Breaking News in Class One

Baby Bear's blanket has gone missing! Class One are now on the case to find Baby Bear's blanket and return it to him. Yesterday they delivered a live news report in the classroom to help with the search for the missing blanket!

Super Science work in Class One

Class one were very busy yesterday afternoon exploring and sorting different materials using venn diagrams. All of the children worked well together as a team collating and sorting a range of different materials. We were looking at some materials which were  transparent, some whch were flexible and others that were waterproof.


Class One had their first spelling test today and they have obviously been working so hard on them at home because their results have been fantastic!!! Well done Class One I am so proud of you all!



Science work in Class One

In Class One we have been learning the names of different materials and the scientific words that can be used to describe different materials.

Here are some picutres of us hard at work looking at different materials and their qualities.

Here is a website you can explore at home to learn more about materials.


Homework in Class One

I am going to start sending spellings home in Class One. The children all have their own book and a list of spellings stuck in their book. We have discussed how to learn these spellings at home with the process of look, cover, write three times and check. I will send their books home soon and your child can tell you all about it! Spellings will be given out on a Tuesday and there will be a test on the following Tuesday. Any questions please come in and see me:-)


Retelling of Traditional Tales

 In Class One we have been learning about Traditional Tales. We have made puppets for the different characters and acted out the story infront of the class.

They all did so well and I am very proud of everyone in Class One!


Traditional Tales in Class One!

In Literacy, Class One are exploring the traditional tales "The Three Little Pigs" and "Goldilocks and the Three Bears". Here are some online versions of the stories that you may wish to watch and share at home.


Homes in Class One!



Our new topic in Class One is "Homes". We are going to have a busy half term looking at different types of houses, homes from the past,  exploring materials in Art and Science, and making homes in Design and Technology! If possible could your child bring in a photograph of their house this week so we can explore and discuss the different features and types of different houses that the children in Class One live in? 

Thank you:-)


Party in Class one

Class one are having a party on Monday afternoon as a treat for gaining all of their class reward points! Your child may bring some party clothes to school which they can change into in the afternoon ready for the party! Well done Class One for a great term:-)


Gold Book Assembly 25th November

Well done to these children in Class One for being in Gold Book Assembly last week.



Eliot, Isabel and Gabby were in for their super numeracy work, Paige for her science work, Adam for his great progress with his reading and Max for his great work with his letters! Well done to all of you, keep up the hard work. 


Playground games from the past

In our History lesson yesterday, Class One enjoyed playing some traditional playround games from the olden days!

Boxes in Class One

Thank you for all the boxes you have sent in. We now have more than enough! Many thanks:-) I will post pictures when we have transformed all these boxes into playgrounds!


We're going on a Bear Hunt!

Class One have retold the story "We're going on a bear hunt!" A super effort from everyone:-)





What toys did you used to play with?

In our History lessons we have been learning all about toys from the past. Class one have created a video to find out what toys you used to play with. Please watch the videos and leave a comment to answer any of the children's questions. Thank you: )






Is it odd or even?

A couple of useful websites to support learning of odd and even numbers which will be looking at soon. Enjoy:-)

Dragon eggs




Ordering numbers in Class One.

We have been working on ordering numbers in numeracy this week and everyone has been working really hard. Here is a game to help you at home with your number ordering skills.

Caterpillar game


Number bonds to 10 in Class One!

This week we will be learning the number bonds to 10. Here is a game which we will be using in school to support our learning if you wish to have a go at home:-) Save the Whale

Have fun!


Key Stage One Gold Book Assembly Friday 4th November

A big well done to Finn, Matteo, Jake, Phoenix, Louisa and Lilia for being in the Gold Book assembly last week. Finn, Lilia and Jake were in Gold Book for their fabulous story writing, Phoenix and Louisa were in for their fantatic science work looking at pushes and pulls on different pieces of playground equipment and Matteo was in for his excellent narrating skills during the Harvest Assembly!! Well done to all of you, keep up the hard work!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

A big thank you for all the boxes and empty containers you have been sending in, our playgrounds are going to look fantastic! Also a big thank you to all those children who remembered to bring in a toy to share with the class last week. We had a lovely afternoon sharing our favourite toys!

Many thanks for your support:-)


Toys, toys, toys! History in Class One!



As a part of our History unit we are going to be looking at toys today compared to those in the past. If possible could your child bring in one of their favorite toys to school on Wednesday 2nd November to share with the rest of the class. (Please ensure that their chosen toy is not breakable or valuable!)

I will also be asking the children to find out what toys their parents and grandparents used to play with so if you have any stories, photographs or toys from the past to share with your children at home that would be fantastic.

Thank you:-)


Design and Technology in Class One. We need your help!


Class One are going to be designing and making plagrounds during this term and we are going to need plenty of empty boxes, containers, card, kitchen roll tubes, etc to help us make our playgrounds. If you could send your children with anything that could help us with our project that would be fantastic! Many thanks:-)

I shall look forwards to posting the finished playgrounds on the website when they are completed!


The Enormous Turnip!

For the Harvest assembly this Friday class one will be acting out a version of 'The Enormous Turnip.' We all have a part to play and Matteo has volunteered to be our narrator. We have all been practising hard and we hope you will come to see us on Friday! Here is another version of the story told by the Fimbles which you may wish to watch at home:-)


Class One Posting Letters Home!

In Geography we have been learning about what happens to a letter when it is posted in the letter box. We have learnt about our address and why and how it is used by the post workers. We have all sent a letter home and we are hoping it arrives soon! Have you received yours yet?



Key Stage One Gold Book Assembly Friday 7th October



A big well done to the children who were in Gold Book on Friday. Millie and Tom were in Gold book for their super literacy work, Luke was in there for his fantastic numeracy work, Alyssa for creating a brilliant eye using the computer, Emma for her super drawing in Art and Joshua for his fantastic listening and concentrating in class. Keep up the hard work!


World Religion Day in Class One

On Friday the whole school had a World Religion Day and each class learnt about a different religion. In Class One we looked at the religion Judaism. We had a very busy day learning about Judaism, talking about the story of Moses, looking at the symbols for Judaism, learning a bit about Hannukah and making our own Mezuzahs!

Science - Looking at animals and how they change!

We have been learning about ourselves in Science and last week we looked at a range of different animals and learnt that we are animals too! We made some brilliant models of different animals. We also looked at how animals change as they get older and we looked at our baby photographs that we brought into school! It was very tricky to guess who was who! We must have all changed a lot!

ICT and Art in Class One

In Class One we have been drawing portraits in our Art lessons and linking this to our ICT work. We have also been drawing some detailed pictures of our eye on 2Paint using different colours and thicknesses of brush size. There were some fantastic eyes made on the computers. Well done Class One!



Artists in Class One

We are learning how to draw portraits in Class One. We have started by looking at our eyes in a mirror. Look at these fantastic eyes drawn by Lilia, Lewis and Alyssa! Well done to everyone in Class One for concentrating so hard in your Art lesson! 

Mapping skills in Class One

In Geography we are learning about maps and why they are useful. We walked around the school labelling the different rooms and then we labelled a map back in the classroom. We are going to send a copy to Mr Crawford to make sure that he doesn't get lost in his new school!



Gold Book Assembly


A big well done to these children who were mentioned in Gold Book Assembly. Keep up the good work!


Numeracy Friends in Class One!

In Class One this week we have been doing a lot of work with Mr Add, Mr Take Away and Mrs Equals.We can all do simple addition and subtraction sums, some of us can even write number sentences by ourselves! You are all working so hard, well done Class One!

Class One's Counting Song!

In Numeracy we have been warming ourselves up with this counting song, some of the boys have even made up some dance moves to accompany this song!

Counting By Ones Song | Have Fun Teaching.


Labelling in Class One!

In our Literacy unit this week we have been looking at how and why labels are used. We had fun labelling eachother and ourselves! Well done Class One!

Class One Team Challenge

We've been working on our team building skills during our first week in Class One. The children worked together in their table groups to create a robot! I am very proud of your teamwork skills Class One, you all worked so hard and so well together!


September 2011 newsletter

High Frequency words

By the end of Key Stage 1 your child should be familiar with the 100 High Frequency words as set out by the Letters and Sounds document. You can help your child at home by supporting them to learn to read and spell these words. (You may wish to make some flash cards with a selection of these words on and make it more of a game). If you have any queries please do not hesitate to come in and see me:-)

Boogie Beebie wake up in Class One!

Every morning in Class One we wake ourselves up with a Boogie Beebie! Have a go at home with your family by clicking here Boogie Beebie .



Year One Topic "Ourselves"

In September our topic in Class One will be all about "Ourselves." This is our Doctor's Surgery role play area that we will be using to support our learning.


Welcome to Class One!

I hope that you have all enjoyed a nice long break over the summer and you and your child are feeling refreshed for the new school year, ready to start in Year One.

During the first half term in Class One our topic will be "Ourselves." This topic will be incorporated across a variety of subjects across the curriculum, for example in Science we will be looking at different parts of the body, in our Art lessons we will be doing self portraits, in Literacy we will be exploring the senses through poetry and in Design and Technology we will be learning all about healthy eating and making a healthy fruit salad.

If you have anything at home that you would like to bring in to school to share which would support the learning within our topic that would be fantastic!