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Autumn 1 (Identity and Diversity)

Prejudice – an unfavourable opinion or dislike formed without examining the facts fairly.


Sexism – discrimination against people of a particular gender, especially women.


Racism – a belief that a particular race of people is better than others/discrimination against or hostility towards people of other races.


Stereotyping - an often unfair and untrue belief that many people have about all people or things with a particular characteristic.


Liberty - the right or power to act and choose freely

‘This half-term, our global theme, which is looked upon by the entire school, is ‘Identity and Diversity’. Each class focusses on a different part of this, and in year 6 we are looking at prejudice and stereotyping. Our first core text (Voices in the Park) links to this by showing us four different people’s voices and their either friendly or unfriendly views on one another. In History, we have also been looking at the Greek gods and goddesses and doing so by looking at our other core text, “Who Let the Gods Out?” which gives Greek mythology a modern twist to it. We are also learning Greek related things in other subjects, for example, in Art we have been studying and drawing the Greek key design which we then made into our own print blocks. All of our lessons this term have been educational and great fun, and we know the other terms will be just that too!’


Lucy, Class 6


Identity and Diversity

To recognise Black History month, and in conjunction with one of our global theme of Identity and Diversity, KS2 children have looked at people and important events that have been significant in history and have changed the world in some way and presented their findings creatively for a display in school. 


Please see below for a selection of our work in History where we have been studying the Ancient Greeks!


This is some of the Science work we have covered this half term where we have been looking at many aspects of how the human body works.


As you can see, we have also been working very hard in Maths as well!


Please take a look at some of our English work this half term. We began by studying a book called 'Voices in the Park' by Anthony Browne as it was very good for practising our inference skills and also because it fits very well with our Global Theme 'Identity and Diversity' as it explores the issues of prejudice and stereotyping.


We then started reading 'Who Let the Gods out?' by Maz Evans as this text fits in with our History topic on the Ancient Greeks. We wrote our own non-chronological report all about the Greek Gods and Goddesses.