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Class 3


Tonight we enjoyed hot chocolate, gingerbread, flapjack and chocolate brownie together outside, it’s was cold but the hot chocolate warmed us up. 
Thank you to you all for your commitment, enthusiasm and hard work.

WEEK 5 Gardening Club

What a hardworking Gardening Club! The planter at the end of the train carriage looks fabulous! Thank you to Mr & Mrs Padgett for donating the beautiful plants.

The raised bed on the new Reception playground was emptied and will soon be ready for planting up. Well done everyone you definitely went home with muddy wellies tonight! 

Autumn 2 November - December 2023




This half term we are working on our mulitplication and division facts for 2, 5, 10, 3, 4 and 8. We have been counting in multiples of these numbers, crreating number stories and solving calculations. We have played 'Hit the Button' as a class and 23 in 1 minute is the score to beat!


Week 4 Gardening Club

A great day out at the National Stone Centre 14.11.23

What a busy day! We have become rock detectives, sieved soil, found the M1 quarry, searched for fossils and come home with a bag of coloured stones.


You were all absolute 'gems.' Thank you for doing us proud Class 3.


13.11.23 - Celebrating Anti-Bullying Week and Odd Socks Day! 

Today, we started our Anti-Bullying week with an assembly and wearing our odd socks to celebrate the way everyone of us is different. Can you spot your odd socks?


13.11.23 - RE 

Following on from our work last half term, we are continuing to explore the question 'What do different people belive about God?'

Today we thought about our own interpretations. If God were a ...... vehicle, weather, food, colour....what would God be?

Thank you for some fantastic ideas Class 3!

Week 3 Gardening Club

Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely half term break.

Our new core texts for this half term:

We have already started reading 'A Gladiator ate my Lunchbox' and in our reading lessons we have been finding out the meaning of new vocabulary used in the book.


On Tuesday, we had a list of vocabulary and went searching around the playground, matching the definitions to the vocabulary. 

Our hanging baskets are up!

Week 2 Gardening Club

Y3 National Stone Centre

Autumn Term 1 September - October 2023


Welcome to Class 3!




Creative Homework

As usual, you have done us all proud! Thank you for all the wonderful homework contributions. We look forward to sharing them with you after school on Thursday 19th October.

A visit from our local police officer - 16.10.22

Today, our assembly was led by our local police officer. He talked to us about how Halloween should be fun, but also how to make sure everyone stays safe and enjoys it. We spoke about 'anti-social behaviour.'

We also thought about ways to celebrate Bonfire Night and he gave us some tips about how adults should light fireworks safely and that we need to stand at a safe distance away from them.


Mrs Gregory ran the first session of her after school gardening club on Thursday. We added winter flowering plants to the large containers in the playground. The children topped up the containers with new compost, carefully removed the plants from their trays and arranged them before finally planting them. Thank you Year 3 gardeners see you next week!

Independent Writing (3.10.2023)

The end result from our first writing sequence based on our core text 'Grandad's Island.'

We wrote a setting description about a rainforest. Well done Class 3!

Maths in Year 3 (3.10.2023)

In Year 3 we start our Maths sessions with 'Flash Back 4' - quick questions that help us to remember key number facts and recent learning. This half term we have been learning about place value using hundreds, tens and ones. Today we looked at what happens when we add and subtract 10s and 100s from 3 digit numbers. We used Base 10 equipment to help us with our calculations.

A busy week in English! 26.9.23

Following on from reading 'Grandad's Island,' we have spent the week working togther to write a shared story setting based on a boat journey. We thought about the introductory paragraph, what we might see, hear and feel to create a written description of a story setting. 


Our independent writing will be about a story setting based in a jungle or rainforest. Today we have immersed ourselves in a jungle setting - watching video clips, listening to the sounds of the rainforest and creating jungle mobiles. We're ready to write! Watch this space for our amazing results.... 

Tree and Plant Life in the Jungle | David Attenborough | BBC Studios

Want more natural history and wildlife videos? Visit the official BBC Earth channel: BBC Earth The BBC Earth YouTube channel is home to over 50 years-worth of the best animal videos from the BBC archive. With three new videos released every week there's something for all nature loves from astounding animal behaviour to beautiful imagery.

Beanstalk Update! 25.9.2023

Wow! Over the weekend our beanstalks must have loved the water we gave them and the temperature and light conditions were perfect. They shot up! Today we took a closer look at the root system and thought about the function of the roots - anchoring the plant and sucking up the water and nutrients from the soil.

Fun with Music! 19.9.23

We started to find out about music notation and explored creating our own rhythms. We began by clapping out the rhythms and then had a go on the xylophones.

Our core text this half term is Grandad's Island by Benji Davies. We have already begun reading and exploring the text using our VIPERS. Click the link to share the story at home.

Grandad's Island

Read Aloud by Robert Power An unforgettable story by Benji Davies. Syd's Grandad takes him across the ocean to a wonderful island. The only problem is, Grandad is thinking of staying...

Science - 12th September 2023

Our Science topic this half term is Plants. Today we thought about the question 'What do plants need?' and planted our own bean seeds. Over the next few weeks we will give them nutirents from the soil, water, sunlight, room to grow and air. We hope to observe them growing into healthy plants.