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Spring 1

Welcome back to school in 2023!


Happy New Year!

What an exciting first week back we have had together!  It has been super to see all the children talking to their friends and catching up with what they have been doing over the holidays.  We had a lovely chat about our favourite gifts and this inspired our drawings and writing this week.


We also celebrated the new year of 2023 by watching the New Year fireworks in London.  We spoke about the chiming of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.  We enjoyed making ourselves a cone shaped party hat from a flat circle.  We carefully used our scissor skills to cut a straight line and then used cellotape to fix the paper into the cone shape.  We then decorated our hats and attached some wool to keep our hats on!


During explore time, amongst many adventures, we designed our own Big Ben models and enjoyed making mice models when we sang about Hickory Dickory Dock - which has been our Nursery Rhyme of the week.


We've fully embraced the rainy weather this week with wellies, puddle suits and umbrellas - we also investigated how many stones it took to sink the boats in our water trays.


On Friday, to help with our explanation skills, we were chief cheese tasters!  We enjoyed trying four different types of cheese - which were Cheddar, Red Leicester, Brie and Feta - we then decided which one was our favourite - some of us found it tricky just to choose one!


As well as feeding ourselves, we also learnt about Big Schools' Birdwatch and how in Winter, birds find it hard to find food.  We therefore made a bird feeding station together and as a team, turned our hobbit house into our 'Bird Hide'.  We have loved looking through our binoculars.  We also made some sphere shaped bird feeders and thought carefully about where to place them.


The week ended with our monthly visit to see the residents of Smalley Hall.  We enjoyed Boogie Beats and sharing some happiness with the ladies and gentlemen.  Mrs Reckless was very proud of how safely we walked through the village.


What a super week - thank you children.