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Summer 1 (Heritage)

Spanish fun in the sun!

Year 4 have enjoyed some outdoor learning this week by playing a game of dominoes as a recap activity. Having learnt to count up to 100 in class, they took advantage of the rare sunshine and had great fun consolidating their learning outdoors. 

Electrical posters! We're thrilled with the children's work in DT: they designed and created posters, including electrical circuits and bulbs to illuminate them. Well done Class 4!

Spanish Class 4

Class 4 have been looking at how we get to school each morning, and learning the forms of transport in Spanish this week. Through playing games of bingo and completing word-searches, this makes a fun way of consolidating previous learning and the children always enjoy doing them. 

To link with our Heritage theme, our learning across the curriculum is linked with the Legend of Robin Hood this term. In History, the children worked like detectives to try to uncover the truth behind the legend and asked, 'Will the real Robin Hood please stand up: Hooded Hooligan or on the straight and arrow?' Here, you can see evidence of the children analysing sources before they decided, and justified, what Historical facts there are behind the legend: