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Summer 2 (Identity and Diversity)


Our last day

We have come to the end of a wonderful year together in class 3 and what a fantastic year it has been. It has been a privilege to teach your children and watch them grow into the kind, mature and caring children they are today. I will miss them very much as both individuals and the team we have become in our class.


They came to me as 7 year olds and are leaving a whole year older as greater, readers, writers, mathematicians and most importantly happy children who have grown in confidence and have shown themselves as keen and focused learners.

I am incredibly grateful for the support you have shown me and your children this year. I am so proud of them and I know you will be too.

Have a restful and safe summer.

Best wishes,

Miss Berridge.

Carsington Water

We have had a wonderful class trip to Carsington Water where we took part in pond dipping and a navigating in nature workshop. We enjoyed a picnic and a play on the park at lunch time too.

Homework projects

This half term we launched our second homework project where all classes can contribute something based on their learning.

After school, we hosted our showcase for our families. It was lovely to see everyone's fantastic work and how their projects have extended their classroom learning. 

Thank you to everyone who joined in and visited.


Greek Day!

Class 3 have had a wonderful 'Greek' day today!


We started by learning about and creating our very own Greek laurel crowns. Then, we learned to write like an Ancient Greek and learned the alphabet. We made name plaques with our new Greek names on!


Later on, we watched and learned a Greek traditional 'Zorba' dance (see the video below). We had lots of fun dancing with each other. We then learned about the history of the Olympic games and reenacted our very own! We took part in discus throwing, javelin and chariot racing (a firm favourite). 


For lunch, we had our very own Greek taverna and tried a selection of different Greek foods including olives, greek yoghurt and honey, pitta bread, tzatziki,  greek salad and feta cheese.


Overall, we had a great day and had lots of fun. The children dressed in wonderful costumes and enjoyed naming themselves after the famous Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Greek zorba dancing!

Still image for this video

Chariot racing in the Olympic games!

Still image for this video

We were very excited to have 'tough runner' back at school this Summer and we all had a wonderful time racing around the course and enjoying all the obstacles. Our favourite part was the water slide at the end. Miss Berridge had lots of fun spraying us all with the bubbles.

We have been using practical resources to help us solve word problems.

Engineering workshop

Class 3 were so thrilled to work with an engineer from Network Rail!

We worked on a 'lunar rover' project and worked together in teams to create our own model. We had lots of fun testing them out and have many budding engineers!

We have been really enjoying our P.E. topic this half term and have worked hard to develop our bowling and batting skills. 

Police visit

Our local Police Officer has visited our school to speak to the children about anti-social behaviour and theft. Class 3 engaged well with the sessions and asked lots of sensible questions about the impact of these behaviours on our local community. They all feel they know what to do should they see or experience this behaviour in thee future.

Road Safety - Stop, Look and Listen

Year 3 attended a Road Safety workshop in school this week, delivered by a Road Safety officer from the County Council. It’s important for our children to learn to keep themselves safe and gain independence by following good examples led by their adults. Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed the activities and hopefully will now confidently put this into practise. 

Our core text

This half term in Year 3, we are learning about the Ancient Greeks and their achievements. We have a wonderful book "Leo and the Gorgon's Curse by Joe Todd-Stanton". Mythical monsters and unlikely heroes in the city of Athens leads Leo, an aspiring hero, on a challenge. Will be ever achieve the fame and glory he dreams of?


I know class 3 will love reading this book and it will provide great inspiration for their writing.


Keeping cool

With the recent sunny weather, we had to try and keep cool in as many ways as possible. We decided to try a cooling foot spa and a water bucket challenge. πŸͺ£ 






Still image for this video
This afternoon in Class 3 we have been learning about stop frame animation.
The children had a go creating their own stop frame animation.
They learned about 'onion skinning' so they can see the previous picture that was taken. They used a frame reel to make predictions about what it would look like in an animation.

Still image for this video


In our Art lessons, we have been focusing on drawing to help us draw our illustrations to accompany our character description.


First, we made guidelines using the shapes we could see. Then, we perfected the shape using a guide to support us. Finally, we added detail and shading to our dragons. They look great, don't you think ? 





Class 3 have been investigating ' How does the distance of a light source affect the length of a shadow?'

They planned and carried out their investigation in teams showing excellent teamwork skills.


Our findings 


The larger the distance between the light source and the object the longer the shadow.- Harrison


When the torch is close to the object the shadow is shorter- Reuben


This week in our Science lesson, class 3 have been learning about objects that are transparent, translucent and opaque. The children investigated a range of objects and the shadows they make,


"The transparent vase makes no shadow because the light shines through" - Ashton, Class 3.

"The tissue paper makes a blurry, light shadow"- Logan, Class 3.

"The book is opaque so the shadow is dark"- Jessica, Class 3.


In class 3 we have been reading our core text 'The Boy Who Grew Dragons' . We have used the text as inspiration for a diary entry from the character, Tomas. 


We planned our diary entry by building a vocabulary bank for each section. Then we wrote our first draft. After editing it was our favourite part- publishing! This is where we write it up in our neatest writing. 

Science day

Today, (28th June 2022) was Science Day in school.

We recieved a letter from NASA where they asked us to help them in developing a rocket to travel even further into space.


We got to work exploring different rocketsπŸš€ and designed adaptations to help the rocket travel further. The children then made and tested their designs.


We certainly have some budding astronauts in class 3 πŸ‘©‍πŸš€πŸ‘¨‍πŸš€!


In our art lessons we have been learning to draw using geometric shapes. We have begun to use guidelines to support our drawing. 

We used pictures and objects as inspiration for our sketches.

Class 3 video from Andy Shepherd

The author of our core text 'The Boy Who Grew Dragons', sent class 3 a video after she heard we were using it for our learning.
The class were so excited to receive this and we thought it would be fantastic to share with our families too.
How lucky are we?!


We have been using inference to understand the character's thoughts and feelings. The children really got into character by writing questions they would ask Tomas. They then answered each others questions in the role of Tomas.



We are writing a diary entry as Tomas (the main character from our core text). The children unpicked the features of a diary entry, highlighting all that they could find. They made a checklist to help when we write our diary entry next week.


The children have been discussing their responsibilities and how these change as they grow up. They reflected on things that they needed help with in the past and how they can do them now independently.

Our core text

The children have made a fantastic start of our core text ' The Boy Who Grew Dragons by Andy Shepherd'. 

Please find a link below to the read aloud version of the story, read by the author herself!



PE this term is tennis. As you can see they enjoyed their first lesson with Mr Smith. They are developing ball control, teamwork and racket skills.