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The Cup of Courage


Can you remember why the girls received the Eddy Parry Cup of Courage

in our Gold Book assembly today?

We're going on a Word Hunt

Class 1 went hunting in the sunshine to find real and nonsense words hidden around the playground. Great team work everyone!

Robin Hood record

If anyone likes dressing up, supporting charity and spending time with family and friends this could be for you 😊



Nesting Safari!

Class 1 went on a 'nesting safari' collecting things to make a birds nest. They then worked in teams to build a warm and comfortable nest for a chick. Well done Class 1!

Maths Games

This week Class 1 have been learning to read number names to 100. We enjoyed playing this game as a class. Why not have a go at fruit splatting at home too?


Competition spotting!

I spotted this!



A chance to design a national book token and win prizes!

Easter holiday sunshine!

Happy Easter holidays from the school hens! Here they are enjoying the lovely sunshine... the sunshine gives them a great opportunity to preen themselves and have a dustbath. It also makes them feel relaxed as you can see 😊

Beautiful Easter Hats and a gorgeous parade!

Class 1 and the Giant Beanstalks!

We have had lots of fun looking after and watching our beanstalks grow. Well done Class 1!




Wow! Class R had some very special visitors today! We found 2 smooth newts in our outdoor area. How fantastic that we have amazing wildlife visiting us- we are very lucky! We are now going to use these visitors to inspire learning. 

See if you can find out some facts about smooth newts and comment below. 

A special Mother's Day service



Thank you so much to the ten members of our SING group who performed at the Mother's Day service at church this morning.  

You all sang beautifully and made us all very proud.

We hope you've enjoyed the rest of your day.  Thank you for sharing your time with us this morning.

World Book Day 2018



It may have been a week later than planned - but we all had great fun dressing up as book characters today.  Thank you for all of the beautiful costumes and ideas about books and stories.  What a great day we've had!

Book Fair 2018



A very BIG thank you to all the children, parents, grandparents, carers, teaching assistants and teachers who attended our travelling book fair over the last week.  It was wonderful to feel the buzz and excitement for the books on the shelves.  The children's faces were full of smiles as they glanced over all of the books that were on offer.  For some children it was very hard to choose which one to have and for some they zoomed in for the book they had had their eye on for a while!

As you can see from our poster, from our sales, we have been able to choose nearly £500 worth of brand new books for the children to enjoy in school - BRILLIANT!



If your child didn't get chance to visit the book fair this time, then they will have been given a £1 book voucher towards the cost of a book at your local book shop today.  The details on where you can spend the voucher are on the back of it.

Just a reminder that tomorrow we will be dressing up.......



Look forward to seeing you in your costumes tomorrow for World Book day - Smalley style!

Thank you!


Miss Tulley to the rescue!

Look at the photo I received from Miss Tulley today!  Can you guess what it is and where it has come from?

It's from the water feeder that our chickens drink from!  Miss Tulley has been keeping a special eye on the hens at her house and also on the water situation.  The chickens must have fresh water at all times and these containers had frozen solid twice today.  Miss Tulley has emptied and then refilled them with warm water. Thank you Miss Tulley, you're a Super Chicken Carer and the hens love you for it! xx

Here's one of my favourite photographs from warmer times!



Happy hens!

Brrrrrr! I hope that you have all enjoyed the snow today. It has been very, very cold... because of the forecast the school hens have been staying at my house so that I can regularly check their water and feed. Today they have had a big bowl of spaghetti to warm them up 😋 and some fresh (warm!) water. It was too cold for the chickens to have some exercise outside of their coop but they still got chance to experience the snow when they pecked it off my wellies! 



Oxford Owl



Calling all Parents and Carers,

 To celebrate WORLD BOOK DAY and as a reminder of this super resource - here is a link to Oxford Owl, which allows you to read and share 250 free online books, ranging from age 3 up to age 11.

All you need to do is register (join us) with an email address  (this is free) and then follow the link to the ebooks; lots of the books have fun, helpful activities to enjoy too.

Please click on the link to register:


Let us know what you think by commenting below - did you find it useful?

Happy reading!



Snow Challenges!

Can you think creatively and solve the following challenges? 

 Design a new vehicle that can travel through snow. 

Build different size/denisity snowballs and measure their melt times. 

Feed the Birds - in the snowy weather they need food. Try to hang food and put some on the ground so you can see which are ground feeders. Spend time identifying birds - they are lot easier to see against the snowy background. Sketch the birds, so you can identify them later at school (if no access to bird books or internet). Spend 30 mins watching the birds, count them, plot bar charts etc. 

101 creative uses of a sledge 

What is the best shape for a snow house. You want to build a snow house, but it takes a lot of time and a lot of snow. What shape house should you build to get the most floor area for the least amount of effort? What other ideas do you have? If you could build it against a wall (i.e. one side already made for you) what shape would you build? 

 Be creative and answer any of the 5 challenges above. Post pictures/comments as answers. 


Year One Snow Day

I hope you enjoy some time together today whether it be playing out in the snow or keeping wrapped up warm! 

Attached is a link to a website containing the Jack and the Bean stalk story which we will be learning about over the next few weeks. 

There is also a link to ICT games for you and your child to practise some maths and english skills together. 

Also, as it is World Book Day today, take the time to share some of your favourite stories today and perhaps you could even create your own book!


Jack and the Beanstalk

Today Class 1 started their new topic 'Plants.' We read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and then planted our own bean seeds. Next week we are going to be comparing different versions of the story. If children have their own copy of Jack and the Beanstalk at home, we would be very grateful if they could bring it into school to share on Monday 5th March. Please ensure their name is written inside and we can return them at the end of the day. A great day Class 1!



Easter Hat Parade

A letter announcing a lovely event for children in Class R, 1 and 2 went out on the last day of term.  Get your thinking hats on to create a gorgeous Easter hat for the last day of next half term.

We look forward to seeing your creations.

Safer Internet Day

Class 1 had lots of fun learning about how to stay safe on the internet today. They watched 'Smartie the Penguin,' thought about adults they could tell if something made them feel unhappy when using the internet and designed internet safety posters. Phew! A busy morning. Well done everyone!




This half term Class 1 are learning about different animals. If children have any information books about animals, particularly African animals, please can they bring them into school on Tuesday 16th January. We will be using them to research and create some information posters. Please make sure you child's name is written in the book so they can be returned at the end of the day. Many thanks, Mrs Rodgers x


Team work reading and spelling!


In Class R, 1 and 2 we are all working together to learn how to read and spell all of the tricky words from our phonic and English lessons.  These are those words that don't follow the normal segmenting and blending way of reading.  We help the children to recognise these by sight.

In Class R, the children are working hard on the Phase 2 words.

In Class 1, the children are working hard on the 3 & 4 words.

In Class 2, the children are working hard on the Phase 5 and the Year 2 exception words.




Please help your child to read and spell these words.

Many thanks

The Early Years and Key Stage 1 Team


Multiplication in Class 1

Class 1 have been multiplying by 2 this week to find the number of legs on play people, the total amount of money using 2p coins and the number of cubes in the towers. Keep up the hard work Class 1!

Our Harvest thanksgiving

Well done to all the children and staff involved in our special Harvest assembly today. Our hall was packed with warmth as we shared our special Harvest message; every  child, from our youngest to our oldest, did their best to share our important message. 



Thank you to the Year Two children who led our assembly today. You did yourselves so proud;all that practising, loud voices, team work and belief that you could do it - well done. 

It was wonderful to have a full hall today. Thank you for supporting us.



With your kind donations, we raised £233.21 for The British Red Cross charity which will go towards helping the Caribbean children affected by the recent hurricanes. Thank you so very much.

Happy half term. 

Grubby Club - week four finale!

What fun! Thank you everyone!

Number Bonds!

Class 1 have been learning about number bonds to 10 this week. Try these fun games to help you with your learning:

Have fun!


Grubby Club - week 3!

A lovely evening to be outside!

Grubby Club Week 2

More fun this week in Grubby Club! We have been cleaning out the chickens and filling their water and food,  picking up litter, looking after the environment, making bug hotels, weeding the vegetable beds and planting red onions... and of course not forgetting, finding lots of wiggly worms! 

Just a reminder that there is no Grubby Club next week as it is parents evening. Grubby Club will carry on the week after. Thank you everyone for your enthusiasm and your help! 

Enjoy the photographs! See you in 2 weeks 😊🌳🌿

Grubby Club #2

Superhero day 2017

Our annual superhero day for Gold September was another huge success this year.

The children looked amazing and we raised £396 by selling badges and wearing non uniform for this fabulous cause.

Well done to our super children!

Grubby Club #1


Embark Federation - Forest schools training

All staff from Embark Federation received excellent training last night on Forest Schools/Outdoor Learning.

This was led by our very own Mr Goodburn at Kilburn Juniors and it was such an inspiring session that even the rain didn't dampen our spirits!

The staff took part in a number of well thought out activities that suit the outdoors rather than the classroom. What made the session even better was the enthusiasm of all of our staff and the creative thinking of how these can be adapted and used for different subjects and ages.

This is all part of our commitment to give our pupils a wide range of opportunities and a first class education.

Huge thank you to Mr Goodburn and all our staff for a memorable training session.

Enjoy the pictures below!

Welcome back!

As you may have seen, the Smalley school hens have been  away over the summer. They have had a holiday at Miss Tulley's house so that they could have some refurbishments on their coop. They are now back at school and ready to see everyone on Monday 😊



Chick news!

Yipeeee exciting news today- One of Mavis' eggs has hatched. Welcome to the world little chick! As you can see it isn't a yellow chick, but yellow and brown. The breed is called a Cream Legbar hen. Lovely addition to our last week of school :-)