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On the Walls

Year 5 - The Shang Dynasty

During Autumn Term 2, to link with the theme of 'Peace and Conflict' and our core text 'War Game', the children in Year 4 learned about the causes of World War I, government recruitment and propaganda, life in the trenches, The Christmas Truce and how we remember those who were injured and sadly died.


The children created their own WWI memorial in class to showcase their learning and here you can see some of their work which contributed to that. Well done Year 4: you are engaged, sensitive learners and excellent historians!


During Autumn Term 1, to link with the theme of 'Identify and Diversity' and the core text, 'Empire's End', the children studied the impact of the Roman Empire on Britain in their History lessons and created a museum exhibition to showcase their learning. Here you can see the artefacts they created having used a range of primary (genuine Roman coins and pottery!) and secondary historical sources to investigate first, as well as their understanding of key aspects of Roman Britain. Well done Year 4: you are budding historians!