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Gold Book Winners


Jessica's decimal work in maths this week has been excellent. Her presentation is beautiful too. You certainly deserve to be our Gold Book ⭐️⭐️ this week. A huge congratulations!


Well done to Bella this week for being chosen for Gold Book⭐️. She always takes care when presenting her work and she is an active member in class discussions. Bella has wonderful manners too and it's certainly noticed in and around our school!🌟🌟


Mason is our star⭐️ in Gold Book this week. He always has a positive attitude to learning and shows enthusiasm in his lessons. You are amazing!


A huge well done to Joel this week for being chosen for Gold Book. He consistently produces a high standard in his maths work . Joel always gives 100% in all of his lessons, in both contribution to discussion and quality of work. Well done!⭐️⭐️⭐️


Florence has been chosen for Gold Book this week for her amazing volcano artwork. It's displayed in our classroom for all to enjoy 🌟🌟


A huge well done to Logan this week ,for being chosen for Gold Book⭐️. He shows enthusiasm, motivation,positivity and hard work in all of his lessons. His maths work this week in decimals, fractions and percentages has been fantastic! 


Darcey is in Gold Book this week for showing resilience during Bikeability and for growing in confidence day by day. Have lots of fun cycling at home!⭐️⭐️🚴🏻‍♀️


Maeve is our Gold Book  star this week. She always works hard and she shows such politeness around school. Thank you Maeve, you shine 🌟🌟


We are very proud of Jenson's hard work and increased independence in his learning. Jenson ,Mr Redmond and Mrs Drury are all delighted ! Well done for being chosen for Gold Book this week. 🌟🌟


Today we have two Gold Book winners. 🔸has shown resilience when facing a new challenge but with a positive attitude ,she had a smile at the end of the day😁.Ashton has shown excellent carpentry skills in his DT lesson. Well done to you both🌟🌟


Reuben and is our Gold Book star this week. He has shown determination in his maths work and has shown proudness when he's succeeded. A huge well done Reuben⭐️⭐️

Jasmine is in ⭐️Gold Book⭐️this week for her kindness and helpfulness towards others . She is a much valued and delightful member of our class🌟


Ava has been chosen to be in 🌟Gold Book🌟 this week for her growth in confidence when speaking in her Spanish lessons. She is improving in her written work too. Muy bien!


Dallas is our ⭐️Gold Book ⭐️star this week. He has shown excellent effort and resilience in Maths. A huge well done,we're so proud of you!


Harrison and Oscar are both in Gold book this week for their wonderful presentation and handwriting. They have both worked incredibly hard. Huge congratulations boys!


Allegyra consistently produces a high standard in her English work. It is always delightful to read her work.🌟


Moira is in 'Gold Book' this week for being an always child. Always using her manners,always,working hard and always being considerate towards others. She's a delightful member of Class 5⭐️

Kian is in ⭐️Gold Book⭐️ this week for the consistent high standard in his work ethic and for his outstanding behaviour! Well done Kian⭐️

Sophie is in Gold Book this week for her positive attitude to learning and for brightening our days with her cheerfulness⭐️


Oliver is in Gold Book this week for his perseverance in making his wonderful Christmas card. When finished he went to help others in the class. Thank you Oliver! ⭐️


A huge well done to Ashton for being in ⭐️Gold Book⭐️ this week. It's wonderful to see the increased effort and independence in your learning. We're very proud!