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Autumn 1 (Identity and Diversity)

Key vocabulary 


Culture- the way that people live including food, clothing, language and celebrations.


Society- the community in which we live. Including groups of people who share the same laws and rights.


Tolerance- accepting people for who they are.


Discrimination- the unfair treatment of one particular person or group of people.


Inclusion- to make sure everyone is included or a part of something.


Exclusion- to leave out or keep out a person or group of people.


The children's work across the curriculum this term has been building towards creating a museum exhibition about the impact of the Romans on Britain. This including writing a non-chronological report in English, being History detectives and exploring historical sources and.evidence and creating Roman-inspired pottery in Art. We're thrilled with the results. Well done, Class 4!

It's been wonderful to hear the children so enthused about our core text that we studied throughout Autumn Term 1: Empire's End: A Roman Story. The children have even, in some cases, purchased their own copy to enjoy at home! I personally adore that the protagonist is an African girl from a privileged background finding her own way in dangerous times at the centre of the Empire. Here are some of the children's favourite recollections of the story:

The children loved writing character descriptions in English for the protagonist, Camilla, in our core text, Empire's End: A Roman Story. We're thrilled with how well structured and descriptive the children's writing is. Well done, Class 4!

Wow, the children loved researching the Roman Empire and reading our core text, Empire's End: A Roman Story, for their non-chronological reports in English. Very well done to all the children for their engagement and curiosity!

Year 3/4 Athletics

In the final Athletics competition of this half term, several of our Year 3/4 children went to Alfreton Leisure Centre to take part. Overall, they did brilliantly and got a well deserved 3rd place out of eight schools. Congratulations to them all and well done!

Bikeability: Class 4 had an amazing time during Bikeability as they completed their Level 1 course, ready for Level 2 in Year 5. The children were enthused and much more confident after their sessions which was great to see. It looked super fun and excellent exercise too! Well done indeed Class 4!

Identity and Diversity

To recognise Black History month, and in conjunction with one of our curriculum areas of Identity and Diversity, KS2 children have looked at  people and important events that have been significant in history and have changed the world in some way and presented their findings creatively for a display in school. 

To link with our Romans topic, Class 4 practised their pencil skills after studying the sketches of Leonardo da Vinci and then sketched their own designs for Roman vases before making their own using clay. Here are some of their models as work in progress. Next steps including painting their pottery.

In History, Class 4 used information cards to gather and piece together their research in order to create a full picture on their jigsaw record sheet of what life was like in Roman Britain:

Class 4 worked as History detectives to launch our Romans topic. They used their evidence packs to make inferences about the Romans and impressed me with their retrieval and deduction skills. They even handled real Roman coins!

This term's topic is the human digestive system. We have been sorting out the different parts of the digestive system. We have also looked at teeth and conducted a scientific enquiry into the effects of various liquids on tooth enamel (we used eggs because the shell is similar.) We had a rather surprising result! Although fresh orange juice is good for us - it is not tooth kind. So we need to drink it sparingly and brush our teeth afterwards!



In PSHE we have been learning about different relationships and how to ensure they are healthy. We have looked at difference being a good thing. This links into our overal theme of Identity and Diversity.



Our focus this half term is Hinduism. We have learned all about its origins, its 4 aims, the story of Krishna and the meanings of Moksha and Karma.

In Science we have been looking at sound. Myla has explained how sound travels.


 We became scientist and made string telephones. Honey has clearly written out the instructions and resources used. 

Honey said" I learnt today the tighter and straight the string is the better you can hear and the vibration of sound. How it travels through into ear so you can hear sound from little parts of air and vibrations."

Scientists at work!

In Spanish this week, we have been learning about our furry friends and their Spanish names , consolidating this with a game of Bingo, which helps the children to remember and is fun to do.