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EYFS and Key Stage 1 Sports Day

New National Curriculum- Guide for Parents

Lea Green!

A truly wonderful day had at Lea Green with truly wonderful children. Thank you to class 1 for being so awesome and making today's visit definitely one to remember.

We built dens, learnt how to light fires, toasted marshmallows round our fire, completed an assault course and did the Zip Line. Phew!! What a busy day we had and glorious weather too.

Please enjoy our photos and more to follow soon!



Golf with Key Stage 1 & Mr Clarke

What a lovely way to spend a sunny afternoon.....

On Thursday, it was very exciting to see children from years 1 & 2  set up for their first afterschool golf club, ran by our very own parent Mr Clarke.

Andy showed them many skills using a variety of fun and challenging games, which the children were so excited to participate in.  Thank you Mr Clarke, thank you children.  Here's to next week......


Gruffalo puppet theatres

Class 1 have been very busy over the past couple of week painting, creating, cutting and sticking Gruffalo puppets and puppet theatres (Thank you mums and dads for the shoe boxes!)

We have had lots of fun acting out the Gruffalo story, which we all now know by heart, using our Gruffalo puppets and our 'deep dark wood' puppet theatres.

The children have worked really hard and really enjoyed this little project

Gruffalo's Child Trail

The children in Class 1 had great fun following the Gruffalo's child activity trail earlier today. Our topic this term is Julia Donaldson and the trail comprised cross-curricular activities including those on animal homes, tracks and foods, seasons, shapes, shadows and making our own cave drawings using mud and sticks. The most popular activity was definitely 'nest building'. We will be using our experiences to inspire our writing tomorrow.

class 1 new term letter


Hi all,

Here is the Summer Term letter that will tell you all what we are getting up to this term.

Paper copies will be sent home tomorrow.

Easter fun in Class 1!

We had a lovely day of Easter fun in Class 1 yesterday. After talking about the tradition of giving eggs at Easter the children decorated their own hard-boiled eggs. We then went out on to the playground for a traditional egg rolling competition. It was a huge success and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Congratulations to our winner, Alfie, and thank you to all of the parents for sending in the eggs.



Friendship Survey




 The children in all year groups were recently involved in a school friendship survey. As you may be aware our 'Friendship Week' was in the Autumn Term and continuing on from this we have been promoting positive relationships across the school.

As part of this ongoing initiative the children's data was collected and analysed. Reception children and Class 1 spoke about friendships and their data was collected through circle time and verbal discussions and Classes 2-6 completed a written response.

The following is a summary of our findings:

  • A very high percentage of pupils felt safe in the classroom, on the playground and going to and from school.
  • The majority of pupils never spend playtimes alone and the ones that indicated occasionally they did have been spoken to individually and issues addressed in a positive and nurturing way.

As part of our British Values in school we always listen to each other's opinions. Our children are made aware of our differences, tolerating others and being kind and caring towards each other.

We have many visitors in our school each week for a variety of reasons ( Teaching and Learning consultants, prospective parents, volunteers, outside agencies, members of the community and school governors) . We pride ourselves on the comments we receive about our warm welcome and the friendly atmosphere which helps us to create a caring environment for your children.

Finally, we are thrilled with the hugely positive response from our survey and as an ongoing commitment to your children we strive to promote a happy, safe and friendly environment here at Richardson Endowed Primary.

Thank you for supporting us.


An afternoon with Mummy x

Thank you to all of the Mummies and special ladies that joined us in school yesterday afternoon. 


If you were unable to join us, we hope you liked the crafts and flowers that were given to you later on in the day.


The Solar Eclispe! Wowsers!



How exciting, a rare event is currently underway....are you watching it safely?  Please see the following article to help you to view it safely....enjoy - the next one will be in 2026!


Buzzing About Books


Enjoy sharing some more memories of 'World Book Week' at Smalley!


RED NOSE DAY - 13th March 2015

We’re looking forward to another exciting week in school.



Please also note that we will be celebrating Red Nose day

in school on Friday, 13th March 2015. 

We will be following the theme of

‘Make Your Face Funny For Money’!

So please get your thinking caps on, accessories or face paint out and prepare to make us all smile with your funny face creation!

On the day, we would like to collect a donation on the day of £1 to support this worthy cause.

Many thanks for your support.

Kind regards

The Smalley Staff Team



Buzzing about Books


How wonderful to come into school and feel the 'buzz' about books. 

I could hear children laughing, chatting, sharing and explaining about their special book. 

I could see smiles, excitement, happiness and fun as children came dressed as a

book character or in their pjs!

Please enjoy the photos that were taken during book swap with Year 5 and 4

and book character/pj day. 

Watch out for a post from Mrs Rhodes who has more memories from Book Week!

Thank you children, parents, helpers and staff - another special week in school.

We Will Remember



What a pleasure and an honour to welcome both Eric and Kevin into our assembly this morning.  These gentlemen were representing The Royal British Legion, Belper.  We invited them into school so that we could present the £87.15 that we collected during our Harvest collection back in October.



The gentlemen told us that the Poppy appeal continues all year and that they were very grateful for our contribution and the money would go towards continuing to provide the wonderful service to soldier's families who have fought and are still fighting in the wars.

The gentlemen spoke to the children about the work of The British Legion and they also shared their experiences of being in the war.  Eric was 16 when he joined the Royal Air Force and served our country - he travelled to many places and said his time in service had helped him to stay young!  He was also one of the soldiers who arrived at the Normandy beaches during the Second World War in 1944.  Kevin participated in the Cold War and both his father and grandfather were soldiers.  It was so very interesting to hear their stories.



Three of our year 6 children read 'In Flanders Fields' and our children shared some the war time songs that they sang at our Remembrance service; it touched the hearts of both Kevin & Eric (who joined in too). 



What a special morning.

Calling All Hawks!

We need your ideas please.........

Each Friday, in Gold Book assembly, the winning house team play their celebratory song.  At the moment, HAWKS play'Flying Without Wings'.  

Mrs Rawlings & Mrs Reckless thought that with a new year should come a new celebratory song for the HAWKS, so this is where you come in.......

Can you think of a great song that we can play in assembly when HAWKS win?  Please post your ideas below and then we'll call a meeting and decide which one to go for.

Thank you 


Do you wanna build a snowman?!

The snow was pretty rubbish here in Smalley however, we still had lots of fun at breaktime and there was lots of teamwork involved!

Class 1's Snowman Challenge

Well , we didn't get to go on our 'plant walk' today due to the amount of snow covering all the plants so we will reschedule the walk for a few weeks time, but we did manage to make the most of our wellies and snow boots!

Class 1 took on the 'snowman challenge'. The children were put into teams and the had to build the most intersting snowman that they could. The children are then, next week, going to write about what we did in the snow today.

As you can see from the photos we have some fabulus snowmen builders and the children worked so hard together discussing what their snowman must look like, how tall it should be, whether it should be male or female.

Wednesday 21st January - plant walk, Wellies needed!

Just a quick message to let all class 1 parents know (letters will be going out on Monday too) that on Wednesday of this week, class 1 will be participating in a 'plant walk' around the school grounds.

As it is very cold and wet please can you send your child to school with a pair of wellies or other waterproof footwear that you dont mind them getting muddy. Please also ensure they have their coat, hat and gloves in school too.

Children will get changed into their wellies so they will need to come to school in their school shoes as normal.

Thank you for your help with this. It will be a really exciting learning opportunity for your child.

Any problems please do not hesitate to pop in and see me.

Many Thanks.


Fabulous Artists in Class 1

For the past couple of weeks in class 1 we have been looking at the artisit 'Giuseppe Acrimboldo'

Acrimboldo used fruits and plants to recreate human faces. Class 1 have had a go at their own Acrimboldo inspired pieces of art work and they are truly fantastsic!



Random Acts of Kindness

Our Staff are starting off the new year in great spirits by participating in an initiative from Shonette Bason, an international speaker who visited our school last year. This is to make January a month of kindness to start the year and also reminding us how important it is to think of others and to make others smile.

We are hoping you,  our wider community will join in by downloading the link below and then letting us or Shonette know via Twitter or Facebook. We will also share examples sent to us on our school website.

Please use @richardsoneps @shonettebason or beingbrilliant if sharing on Twitter.

Our children are taking part too and are already experts thanks to another leading inspirational speaker Andy Cope who worked with our school during Brilliant Derby. Following Brilliant Derby we created a wall of kindness and random acts of kindness are celebrated each week in assembly and one is chosen to wear a rosette for the week. A great example of this can be found by clicking the link below:

If our children can be so brilliant and kind then it's definitely a good time for our staff, parents, grandparents and friends to lead the way too to ensure that Smalley is the best community to live in the world.

Some pictures below will remind you of Shonette and Andy's visits to our school and the impact they have had. We hope to welcome both back in 2015 too!

Good luck and please contact us to share your successes on our website too!

Christmas with the Aliens!



Thank you to all of the children in Class 2, Class 1 and Class R. We're so very proud of you all - you have worked very hard and put on 2 fabulous shows for your family and friends.

Christmas is certainly here at Smalley!  Merry Christmas to you all!



Class 1 Autumn term 2 newsletter

Dear Parent / Carer,

 Hello and welcome back to school, we hope you all have had a relaxing half term holiday and are ready for the incredibly busy but very fun filled, Autumn term 2.

This term our topic is ‘Fairytales’ . We will be looking at a variety of different stories and basing most of our work around these. We will be reading fairytales such as ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and we will also be focusing on more traditional tales like ‘The Enormous Turnip’ and ‘The Gingerbread Man’.

This term we are focusing on using capital letters and full stops correctly in our writing and also finding out how we can make our writing even more interesting, by using words like ‘and’ and ‘because’ and by adding in adjectives.

We are beginning our ‘Guided reading’ sessions in class this term. This is where your child will read in a small group which is led by a teacher. We will also endeavour to listen to your child on a one on one basis as often as we can and change their books at least twice a week. We really appreciate everything that you do at home with regards to reading and we would encourage you to keep reading anything and everything that your child fancies.                       


In maths this term we are working on the place value of numbers, addition and subtraction and properties of 2d and 3d shapes. We will be learning about these interesting areas of mathematics through practical activities, I pads and working in a group as a team. If you get the chance to bring maths into aspects of home life such as while out shopping, getting your child to count out how many carrots you need or identifying numbers of houses, this is all very beneficial to their learning within school. 

This term we are going to be doing lots of exciting Christmas activities leading up to the Christmas holiday. On December the 1st we will be having an Advent day in class 1 where we will put the Christmas tree up and making lots of lovely things for the children bring home for Christmas. Although we do take every precaution to keep your child clean and they always wear aprons during craft activities, sometimes accidents happen. Rest assured all the paint and glue we use is washable and should come out of your child’s uniform should any accidents occur.

 We do have PE on a Monday and a Thursday still this term however as I’m sure you can appreciate in the run up to Christmas, very often the hall will be being used for Christmas play rehearsals. If this is the case PE might not be taught that particular day but we will try to change it to an alternative day. If your child wears earrings and are unable to take them out themselves, please feel free to pop in of a morning to enquire as to whether PE will be taught that particular day or not.

 Please can we remind you that your child should have water in their bottles not juice or squash. This is from health point of view as we are a Healthy School and we promote healthy lifestyles for children. Please encourage your child to try water at home if they aren’t keen on drinking it as unfortunately juice/squash isn’t allowed in school. 

We are really looking forward to an exciting and very busy Christmas term. There is always so much going on in school and the atmosphere is always brilliant at this time of year.

We appreciate all your support with everything we do and as usual if you have any problems or need to discuss something please feel free to pop in and speak to us.

 Here’s to a great term.


Miss  J Thompson and Mrs A M Smith


Friendship Week




One Week Left- Link Romania Shoebox Appeal


Once again Smalley school have decided to support 'Link Romania Family Shoebox Appeal'. Last year we sent almost 100 boxes to families and children who are not as lucky as ourselves.

Thank you if you have already brought your box into school.

You have one more week left if you would like to support this charity as the boxes are being collected from school on Monday morning the 17th November.

If you would like a copy of the leaflet that needs attaching to your shoebox please come and speak to Mrs Rhodes or Mrs Domkowicz as we have spares.


A fairy fun term in Class 1

Welcome back class 1!

We are set to have a super term in class 1. Our topic is Fairy Tales and Traditional Tales and we will be doing lots and lots of fun work in class.

We will be reading a variety of Fairy and Traditional tales in Literacy.

Working on our counting and number skills in numeracy and this term we will be having Geography lessons where we will start to understand where in the work the United Kingdom is!

And finally of course we have Christmas to look forward to - we can't wait to get decorating the classroom on December 1st!

Thank you as always for your continued support and we look forward to a busy but fun filled Autumn 2 term.



Autumn term 2 Show and Tell in Class 1


Dear Parent / Carer

                                                    Show and Tell


The children really enjoyed the Show and Tell sessions last term. A list of dates for this term is given below. This information will also be added to the school website. If for some unforeseen reason your child does not get the chance to do Show and Tell on their designated day Mrs Smith will endeavour to make sure they have an opportunity to do so on the Thursday or Friday of the same week.


Wednesday 5th November – Gianluca, Molly B, Leah, Elissa, Mary, Thomas W

Wednesday 12th November - Amelia, Edward, Sam, Taya, Thomas G, Molly U

Wednesday 19th November – Mya, Phoebe, Alexandra, Ruby, Naomi, Lucy

Wednesday 26th November – Freddie, Thomas J, Millie, Alfie, Reece, Isaac

Wednesday 3rd December - Charley, Logan, Oliver W, Jakob, Oliver A

Wednesday 10th December - Gianluca, Molly B, Leah, Elissa, Mary, Thomas W

Wednesday 17th December - Amelia, Edward, Sam, Taya, Thomas G, Molly U


We ask that children do not bring things into school unless it is their turn for Show and Tell. However, if your child is awarded a certificate or medal or has achieved something special out of school we would be delighted to share these anytime.


Kind regards


Miss J Thompson & Mrs A Smith


£1026.47 for CLIC Sargent



Following the very successful coffee morning, organised by Mrs Evans, representatives from the charity CLIC Sargent were invited to our assembly to receive the money that was raised - a staggering £1026.47!



The ladies told the children about where the money would go and how it would help families in lots of ways.



Thank you again for your wonderful community support


A special Harvest thank you!

Thank you to all of our wonderful children who sang their hearts out on Friday for our special Harvest assembly. Here are some of Class 2, who always have a special job to lead this important occasion, getting their smiles and voices at the ready!

Thank you for all your kind poppy donations which will go to The British Legion, to help support their important work. The display in the hall looks great - thank you.





Be Safety Aware!


Please bring your named scooter into school on Tuesday- your teacher will tell you where to park it!

We look forward to learning more about keeping safe on our scooters....

 (If you have not got a scooter please don't worry - we are good at sharing at Smalley!)


Superb displays in Class 1

Here are some photos of the super art work that we have been doing in class 1 over the past few weeks. We definitely have some budding artists!

A princess (and prince!) plea for Class 1.

A big plea from us lovelies in Class 1.

Next term our topic is 'Fairytales' and we would love to turn our role play corner into a castle/palace or likewise BUT we can't have a beautiful princess (or prince) palace without beautiful princess (or prince) dresses/outfits to go in it!

If you have any princess, knight, dragon, prince, crowns, wands, fairies etc, dressing up clothes at home that you no longer use or want, that we could put into our role play corner after half term we would be eternaly grateful.

We know how fantastic Smalley parents are all rallying round when we need something in school and we would really appreciate any help with this.

If you have anything that would be useful in our role play area please see Miss Thompson or Mrs Smith.

Thanking you all so much in advance. We know our budding knights and princesses will be appreciative too.

Class 1


Harvest words - thank you for learning them 😊

Please find the words of the harvest songs that we practised during our assembly. Please keep singing as I need your voices on Friday morning - thank you everyone.


Making me smile!

Look at this marvellous masterpiece appearing in our playground....every time I walk across the playground there's something new to smile at.....I can't wait to see it all finished. Thank you wonderful artists!

Autumn fun in class 1

We are having a very autumnal week in class 1 this week.

On Monday (after our photgraphs you will be pleased to hear!) we are going to go on an 'autumnal leaf hunt'. Children will be collecting leaves and seeing if we can identify their leaves and which tree they have fallen off.

When we have identified the tree and the leaves, we are then going to use the leaves in our art work on Tuesday. We will be leaf rubbing, leaf printing and leaf painting in order to make beautiful autumn leaves for our 'autumn' display which will be outside our classroom door in the hall.

The display will be up by the end of this week. Please feel free to pop in and have a look at all the children's hard work.

Here is to an exciting week in class 1 .


Class 1 Show and Tell information and timetable


September 2014

Dear Parent / Carer

                                                             Show and Tell

 We have had a lot of children bringing toys into school lately. Unfortunately we do not have the space to store them safely or the time to look at them all each day. We have, therefore, decided to hold a dedicated Show and Tell session on a Wednesday afternoon for one group each week. This will provide a good opportunity for the children to practise their speaking and listening skills. A list of dates for this term is given below. This information will also be added to the school website.


Friday 26th September – Gianluca, Molly B, Leah, Elissa, Mary, Thomas W

Wednesday 1st October - Amelia, Edward, Samuel, Taya, Thomas G, Molly U

Wednesday 8th October – Mya, Phoebe, Alexandra, Ruby, Naomi, Lucy

Wednesday 15th October – Freddie, Thomas J, Millie, Alfie, Reece, Isaac

Wednesday 22nd October - Charley, Logan, Oliver W, Jakob, Oliver A


We ask that children do not bring things into school unless it is their turn for Show and Tell. However, if your child is awarded a certificate or medal or has achieved something special out of school we would be delighted to share these anytime.


Kind regards

 Miss J Thompson & Mrs A Smith

An excellent dinosaury week in Class 1

We had a brilliant week in Class 1 last week.

The children did some 'observational drawings' of dinosaurs! Yes! Dinosaurs!!

Now don't panic, we haven't gone entirely crazy and we didn't invite the cast of Jurassic Park into class (as fantastic as that would have been!) the children drew an observational drawing of a toy dinosaur. They had to draw the dinosaur exactly as they saw it and then they had to colour in the dinosaur the correct colours.

We are having a very good try at the moment in class 1, at colouring things in the right colours as very often we see a lot of 'smurfs' - blue people, when skin should be coloured in skin colour.

If your child does a drawing at home it would be really beneficial, if you could encourage your child to colour their picture in the right colour, ie- skin colour for skin, green for grass, red or green not blue for apples. This will really aid them in their art work and understanding of colour and creativity.

The children's fantastic dinosaurs will be displayed later this week in class 1, so feel free to pop in and see them. Pictures will follow on here shortly of your budding artist's work!!

Many thanks for all your continued help and support.

Miss Thompson and Mrs Smith


A fabulous first week back in Class 1

Wow what a lovely 1st week back we have just had!

The children of class 1 have been a pleasure to teach and we are really excited and looking forward to getting to know all of them over the next year.

Please keep checking this website as we will be posting pictures, messages and maybe even videos of all the fun things we will be doing over the coming school year.

Thank you for all your hard work and super behaviour this week class 1.

Keep it up :o)

Miss Thompson and Mrs Smith