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Autumn 1 (Saving our Environment)

Key vocabulary

Culture- the way that people live including food, clothing, language and celebrations.


Society- the community in which we live. Including groups of people who share the same laws and rights.


Tolerance- accepting people for who they are.


Discrimination- the unfair treatment of one particular person or group of people.


Inclusion- to make sure everyone is included or a part of something.


Exclusion- to leave out or keep out a person or group of people.




Cyberbullying and keeping safe online

Class 3 have been learning about how to keep safe online including safe communication and passwords.


What is it like to be a Hindu in Britain today?


Class 3 have been learning about Hinduism including special places, sacred texts, life as a child and powerful people in history. 


They have learned about Gandhi and the achievements in his life. All the children have joined in with thoughtful discussions and have been asking questions about what they have seen and learned. 



Animal skeletons


Class 3 have been learning what a veterbrate and invertebrate is and even watched an animal shed its exoskeleton!


We grouped and sorted animals based on their xrays. 


Class 3 have been learning to write a setting description over the past 2 weeks. They have written their first draft and carefully edited their work. 


This half term the children's learning has focused on place value and addition and subtraction.


We have learned to partition numbers using a variety of methods. The children have also been using their place value knowledge to support their understanding of adding and subtracting. 


We have enjoyed using a range of resources such as base 10, counters and cubes to support our understanding. 


The children have used their talk partners to 'prove it' which has supported them in consolidating their own knowledge.




We have been learning about nutrition and the 5 food groups. We have researched how the food groups keep us healthy and what constitutes a healthy balanced meal.


We labelled a skeleton and have been learning about muscles and how they contract and relax to help us move.

Identity and Diversity

To recognise Black History month, and in conjunction with one of our curriculum areas of Identity and Diversity, KS2 children have looked at  people and important events that have been significant in history and have changed the world in some way and presented their findings creatively for a display in school. 


We have been learning about the role of our skeleton and the names of our bones. 

We worked together to label the bones in our body.


"Our skeleton has to protect all our organs" - Fynley


"It helps us stand up tall so we aren't a blob of skin"- Oliver 





Where in the world is Paris?


Today we located Paris- we used iPads and an atlas to accurately find and label Paris on a map.


"Paris is in France, which is in Europe" - Joey

"France is in the Northern Hemisphere" - James



Publishing a diary entry

We have written our final draft of our diary entries. After carefully editing and proofreading we worked really hard to present our work to a high standard. We are so proud of the final result! 



Today, we unpicked the features of a diary entry.

We made a checklist of what we need to include when we write our own.


Our first Spanish lesson

In their first week of term, Year 3 were introduced to some of the culture of Spain and we talked about places they may have visited on their holidays. They enjoyed using the maps to find Spanish cities and had great fun trying out the resources. 

Speaking in Spanish

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Me llamo...

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Me llamo...

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