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The Environment (Spring 2)

Key Vocabulary for the Half Term


Save/Saving – To look after or keep something safe.

Responsibility – Something that is your job or duty.

Environment – Everything that surrounds us.

Living Things Life forms (plants and animals) that inhabit Earth.

Damage – When something is hurt or harmed.

Extinct – When there are no more of a plant or animal on Earth.

Endangered - A species seriously at risk of extinction.

Reduce – To use something less.

Reuse – To use more than once.

Recycle – Turn waste into new materials.


Our core text this half term is Tidy! by Emily Gravett.

Our Pop-Up Library

Today it was our turn to visit the pop up library as part of our celebration of World Book Week. We enjoyed sharing lots of different books with our friends and grown ups. Thank you to all those who made it such a success!


This week we are learning about place value using numbers to 50 and beyond. Today we thought about counting larger sets of objects by making groups of ten to make our counting easier and more efficient.

Weighing 22.3.23

We have been weighing classroom objects using balance scales and non-standard units. We compared weights using words like 'heaviest' and 'lightest.'


Fun in PE

This half term our focus is Invasion Games. We have been practising our dribbling and passing skills. We played a Dung Beetle game in teams, collecting as many balls as we could. 

The Spring Equinox - March 20th 2023

We went looking for signs of spring around our school grounds. We identified spring flowers and saw signs that nature is 'waking up' again after the winter. We talked about evergreen and deciduous trees and enjoyed being out in the spring sunshine! Have you spotted any signs of spring near where you live?



We are enjoying learning how to program the Beebots to move in different directions. 


We have been bending and folding paper to create 3D structures.


Our Geography this half term has been all about our school grounds and local area. We went for a short walk and identified places on a map of Smalley including the church, The Bell and our school building. We talked about human and physical features and placed these onto an outline map of our school grounds. We completed the topic by creating a leaflet combining our work in Science and Geography.

Home Learning Projects

Class 1 you have done us proud! We were blown away with the things you have brought in from home. Thank you to you and your grown ups for all the hard work and care taken to complete the projects. We have spent time sharing them this week and will celebrate your efforts further after the Easter break. Here are just a selection.....