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Social Justice (Spring 1)

This half term our core text is Little People Big Dreams: Rosa Parks. We talked about the important messages given in the book - everyone should be treated fairly and is equal.


Rosa Parks [Little People, BIG DREAMS] | Children's Book

Rosa Parks was born and raised on a small farm outside of Montgomery, Alabama. She grew up facing mean and unfair treatment because of her skin color but she resisted with bravery and dignity. She grew up to be become an American activist and one of the most important figures in the civil rights movement and sparked the movement that ended segregation.

We compared Rosa Parks' life story to 'This is our House' by Michael Rosen.

Uploaded by None on 2014-11-28.

Using 'This is Our House' as a stimulas, we worked in teams to think about fair and unfair ways of sorting people and letting them into our house. We made sure everyone was welcome at the end of the lesson though! 

Maths - Numbers 11-20

13.1.23 Art and Design

We had great fun creating 3D paper sculptures. We practised folding, scrunching, tearing, cutting and bending the paper to make different shapes.

17.1.2023 Drum Workshop

Today we were lucky enough to take part in a drumming workshop. We learned how to hold the drumsticks correctly, play different rhythms and had great fun. Thank you!




Well done children, we are super proud of you!

What busy Scientists we've been!

Investigating absorbent materials

Class 1 have been exploring what happens when paper flowers are placed on water.

Week 1 - Mrs Rodgers gave us each a paper flower and we folded up the petals and carefully placed them onto the surface of the water. We observed what happened - the petals started to open up! We talked about why - the paper absorbs the water causing the petals to open out.

We then had a go at designing our own paper flowers to see what would happen if the petals and flowers were different shapes and sizes. 


Week 2

We investigated paper flowers made out of different kinds of paper: newspaper, tissue paper and card.


We have been learning about influential women: Rosa Parks, Edith Cavell and Queen Elizabeth II. We thought about the question: Why do we remember Rosa Parks?