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Autumn 2 (Peace and Conflict)


How to wash a woolly mammoth 

We have been learning to write instructions and this week have finished our final published piece. 


Creating a 'cave wall' 

Today we created our own cave wall using different grains. We made the textured surface and used our paints to create earthy tones.

We then used our charcoal to add our cave drawings onto the surface.

Spanish - Feliz Navidad

At the end of a busy half term, Year 3 used their previous learning of colours to create some decorations and get in the Christmas spirit, by singing Feliz Navidad together whilst working. 

A special visitor

Today we had our class Christmas party and had a special visitor who delivered us all a gift!


Spelling contractions

We have been learning to spell contractions and correctly use apostrophes to show omission.

We became 'surgeons' and operated on our words to make them into their contracted form.


Multiplication and division 

​​We have begun our new Maths unit 'multiplication and division'.

We started by creating equal groups using concrete materials. We worked in pairs and created number sentences for our partners concrete representations.

Christmas Jumper Day

We have loved celebrating Christmas Jumper day today and feeling festive in time for our Christmas Fayre!


Layers of rocks and soil

We have been learning about the different layers of rock and soil.

We have learned about top soil, subsoil, rocky soil and bedrock.


We used different sweet treats to represent each layer of rock and soil. We then labelled our creation. We hope they taste as delicious as they look!


Exploring how natural products produce pigment to make colour

Today in class 3, we have been learning to create our own paints using natural products to add pigment to a base.


We have been learning what it would have been like in the Stone Age to create cave art. 

We used spices to add to a base to create different colours. We carefully added different amounts to make a darker colour.


"The more of the paprika you add in the darker the colour gets. There is more pigment"- Tristan

"It is crumbly and difficult for the Stone Age people"- Leah


Creating a stop-frame animation 


After planning and preparing for their own stop-frame animation the children begun to film their own animation. 

They used their planning to create the scenes and self evaluated in order to improve. 


Writing a narrative

This week the children in class 3 have begun their first draft of their narrative. Using our core text 'Stone Age Boy' as our inspiration, we have written our own story.


The children have applied their learning and worked hard to include all the key features of our text type.



Rock investigation 

We have been learning to group rocks based on their physical properties.

Class 3 conducted multiple investigations to choose the most suitable rock for 3 different purposes. 


It was great to see them working as a team to conduct a fair test and explain their findings.


Recognising respectful behaviour 

Today we have been learning about respectful behaviour and what it looks and sounds like.


The children created a 'person' in their groups and annotated them to show what they would do or say when showing respectful behaviour.


"Respect means using kind words" - Bobby


"Helping others shows respect" - Ruby


Frame by frame

This half term class 3's computing learning has been focused on stop frame animation. We have been learning how to make a simple animation and today we had our first try at using technology to begin making a stop frame animation video.

The children learned to use 'onion skinning' to help their animation stay consistent.


Remembrance Day

Today, class 3 showed their respects for those who died during conflict.

They observed 2 minutes silence and visited our memorial at the front of our school. 



Year 3 have been learning about the (limited) materials Stone Age people had.


The children used crushed charcoal to create a 'rocky cave' effect background. They then used charcoal to complete their cave drawings.


They were so proud of their final results and reflected on their working choosing one area to improve next time.


Addition and subtraction


Year 3 have shown fantastic resilience this week when adding numbers exchanging 10.


They have used place value counters to physically exchange their 1s for a 10. We have now developed this into using column addition both with and without an exchange. 


History and Design and Technology

How do artefacts help to tell us about the past?

The children have been learning about different artefacts and what they can tell us about the past. We have learned about Stone Age artefacts found at Skara Brae.


The children then designed and made their own jewellery. The final results look fantastic!

History and Art

Today the children have been painting in their 'caves'. They listened to music from the Stone Age and painted in dark to truly feel like cave men.


They drew pictures using their new knowledge about Stone Age art and then painted them. 

They soon realised how difficult it must have been for the people who lived during the Stone Age.


"The cave is bumpy not smooth and it makes it hard to draw" - Bobby


"They didn't have rubbers in Stone Age times so you just have to try again" - Oliver


Inverted commas to mark speech


Today we have been using inverted commas to mark speech. The children used 'punctuation pasta' to mark the words being spoken by the characters. They carefully added in the correct punctuation making sure that it was inside the "inverted commas".



When in history was the Stone Age?

Today we have been learning about the chronology of our history. We made a human timeline of events that we know. We then added in the Stone Age. Year 3 could not believe how long ago it was! 

We have created our own timeline of significant events in the Stone Age.


What does a good narrative look like?

The children have been unpicking the features of a narrative and creating a list together of all the things that we need to include when we write our own. We spotted some features that we were unfamiliar with and are looking forward to learning these in our writing sequence.




Our Science learning this half term is 'rocks and soils'. The children explored different rocks and grouped them according to their appearance. We all grouped them by a different characteristic and enjoyed looking at the other groups decisons.


Group 1- colour

Group 2- Size

Group 3- texture


"These rocks are smooth and rounded but these are rough and bumpy" - Eliza


"They are orange, grey, black and white" - Lead


"These rocks have layers that you can see. Where as these have bubbles in them" - Dexter