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Heritage (Summer 1)

Oh we do like to be the Smalley seaside!

We had a great last day of the half term. The sun shone and we enjoyed doing lots of seasidey activities including painting pebbles, building sandcastles, paddling and making puppets. In the afternoon we had an ice cream and loved our pier entertainment "Mrs Sparkle's Magic Show." A super way to round up all our learning!


Our core text this half term is 'The Girl and the Dinosaur' by Hollie Hughes. Click the link below to share the story at home. We have thought about how the structure of the story is similar to 'The Snowman' and are going to be using the book to inspire our character description writing over the coming weeks.

The Girl and the Dinosaur

The Hook! Before reading the text, we explored clues from Mrs Rodgers' suitcase bag. We guessed the story was set by the seaside and predicted what might happen to the characters.

WAGOLL (What a Good One Looks Like)

Today we worked in teams to read different postcards and identify the key features. We spotted postcards have to be written to someone, they tell us where in the world people are and what they have been doing.  They end with the person's name who has written the postcard. We will be using all of this information to have a go at writing some of our own in the coming weeks.


We are learning to count forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s. We have counted socks, legs, hands and toes to help us!

Science - Growing Plants

Our Science learning this half term is all about plants. We have talked about the parts of plants and are looking forward to investigating what kind of soil grows the tallest sunflowers.

Our Sunflowers Are Growing!

We have been looking after our sunflower seeds - giving them plenty of sunlight and water. We put a stake into the taller plants to help the stem grow straight and not snap. Our sunflowers are getting more leaves each week! All the different soils seem to be growing the tallest sunflowers at the moment........

All About Trees!

We have been to visit our 'Coronation Tree' which was planted for King Charles' Coronation. We looked at the different parts of the tree and hung our wish for the future.


We drew and labelled our own trees.

Geography and History

Our focus this half term is 'Beside the Sea.' We have located British seaside resorts, thinking about the seaside being on the coast and the human and physical features of these places. We have shared our own holiday experiences and compared these with holidays in the past.