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Autumn 1


Welcome to our school, welcome to Class R!

The school welcomed our Class R children 2022 this week!  All the children looked super smart in their uniform and brought with them smiles and confidence.  The children spent the morning exploring their new setting, learning new routines and getting to know Mrs Hull and I - other special adults like Mr Fearn, Mrs Lucas, Mrs Gregory and our mid-day supervisor Miss Evans also came to say hello to the children.  The children enjoyed their tasty dinner too! Well done children, what a beautiful week - we can't wait to see you again soon.

We chose our very own special bear friend...

He can come to school with us and go home too.

We enjoyed reading different stories about bears.





Books we have shared....

Adventures we have been on....

We have loved listening to Michael Rosen read 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'.  We have been learning about an author.  An author is someone who writes a book.  Click on the link below to share the story with Michael Rosen!

Through the rest of the term, we have been learning lots about one another in the 'This is me' topic.  We read lots of books which helped us to talk about ourselves...


We're going to find bright ones...

Here we are going on a colour hunt!  We tried to spot all of the colours of the rainbow!  We spoke about our favourite colours...

We explored our playground....we're working hard with putting our puddle suits and wellies on....


Getting to know you...

exploring inside and outside with our old and new friends...

Making our mark!

Guess what?

We found a toad!


Mrs Hull knew lots about toads, so we listened carefully whilst she told us all about them.  We then found out more by looking in books and on the internet with Mrs Reckless.

We were gentle.

We were brave.

We were patient.

We sat in the shade.

We looked so carefully.

We talked about what we saw.

We kept our voices quiet so that we did not scare the toad.

We released the toad back into his home.

What a 'TOADALLY' awesome first half term together!