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Spring 2 (The World) and Beyond


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Maya stelae are monuments that were fashioned by the Maya civilization of ancient Mesoamerica. They consist of an upright slab of stone, sculpted and worked in relief in 1,2 or 4 faces. 
Year 6 have recreated their own versions, using layers of cardboard to give a 3-D effect and detail. The children had great fun, and they look very impressive on display in the classroom. 

This half term, Year 6 have been looking at the Mayan Empire , in conjunction with our Reading text , The Curse of the Maya. 
Their sculptures and carvings were particularly interesting to the children , so in Art lessons, using bars of soap, we carved out our own designs. The results were amazingly creative and the classroom  smells really nice too! 

Please take a look at some of our fantastic homework on The Maya!