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The importance of Well being

We now have a well being display with lots of advice and information about the importance of well being in school and how important it is to check on friends and colleagues daily. Our school council reps will share the information with their class and encourage them to take a look. It will be updated regularly and children’s work will be added.


Meetings 2020

The school council continue to meet on a weekly basis. We are currently discussing having pupil notice boards in every class and what info will be put on them.

Thanks to all members for their valuable contributions. 

Date for your diary

The next school council meeting will be on Monday 11th November at 1pm. We’ll be  discussing the Children in Need cake sale.

Welcome to our new school council reps

Here are our new representatives for the school year. They have already been busy attending our shared vision meeting and we have met to discuss the impact racism has on society and how as a school we say NO to racism.


Shared Vision

Thank you to the new school council reps for attending our shared vision meeting. Your contribution to the future of our school is very valued. You all had some brilliant ideas! You remembered so many of our achievements over the last year especially winning the Gregg Cup!Hope you enjoyed the sweet treats and juice.  


School Council visit to The Council House

Today all the School Council reps visited the Council House in Derby. We had a private tour of this wonderful 1930s building. It was extensively renovated in 2012 and we had the opportunity to visit the main public areas, the very impressive council chamber, the Mayor’s Parlour and civic areas. It was a very interesting and educational day.


Red Nose Day 2019

Thank you to all School Council representatives for collecting in the donations and totalling up the money. The total currently stands at £146.00 thank for your donations.

Garden gang!

The  School Council reps were very busy today helping to keep our beautiful planters tidy and watered. Thank you for your help and hard work.

Welcome to our new representatives

Here are our new school council reps for this year. We continue to meet on a Monday afternoon at 2.30. They are a great team and we already have some exciting things to discuss and plan.



Robin Hood record

If anyone likes dressing up, supporting charity and spending time with family and friends this could be for you 😊


Welcome back!

Today we spent time reviewing our shared vision. Here are some of our achievements so far:

A cashless system

Trained mini leaders at playtime 

Nuture groups

New school council hoodies

Improvements in the cloakroom

Let’s keep up the hard work! 


Working party!

At the last meeting the school council were working hard to produce 'keep off the grass ' signs for our playground. Look out for them and hopefully we will start to see grass growing back in the spring.


Another SPOTACULAR event for Children in Need

THANK YOU so much for raising money for BBC Children in Need. We raised £218.71!

The school council helped with organising the event, taking photographs, collecting and counting the money. Carlo, our school council treasurer announced the grand total in our Gold Book assembly. 


School council set up afternoon tea!

Huge thank you to our school council, staff and parents for all your help this afternoon. The hall looked great thanks to all your hard work.



Meet our new school council

Here are our new school council representatives. All classes had the opportunity to discuss what makes a good representative and a voting procedure was carried out. We held our first meeting today (18th September) and they were all given their hoodies.


Hoodie Happy!

The School Council are looking very smart in their new hoodies.Enjoy wearing them and be proud of what you do.


School Council Meeting Jan 2017

A productive meeting putting design ideas down on paper for an area of the playground. These will be shared with Mrs Mason and hopefully she will like our ideas!


What a busy term!

The School Council reps have had a very busy term -  here are some of their achievements so far....

  • placing an order for school council hoodies for all reps.
  • designing and making posters to advertise the Children in Need cake sale.
  • organising and running the cake sale for Children in Need.
  • attending and contributing at our Shared Vision staff meeting after school.


Thank you to you all, you are doing a great job! We look forward to seeing you in your new hoodies 😀

Lunchtime update

The school council now meet every Thursday afternoon with Mrs Evans. Over the last few weeks they have been discussing the positive changes that have been made at lunchtimes.The school council have shared their thoughts and views at meetings but also wanted the thoughts and views of everyone in school so they planned and produced a lunchtime questionnaire for all pupils to complete this was distributed last week by council reps and collected in for today's meeting.Today they read through them and collated the information - this is what they found: The majority of children enjoy lunchtimes and the changes that have been made.Here are a few quotes from the questionnaires: "I think it is really good because there is more equipment and things to do" "Tennis is super fun for everyone but more football" "Thank you for the activities " "Clean all the playground less mud more grass!" "Music in the dining hall" The school council would like to thank everyone for completing the questionnaires and to the dinner ladies for all they do at lunchtimes. This will be discussed more at the next meeting.


Meeting 10th November

The main item on our agenda today was how to Report Back after a meeting all children were given a handout to give to their class teacher. Reporting back needs to be done as soon as possible after a meeting.The school council belongs to everyone,so they all have a right to know what happens in meetings and they want to know when we discuss the things they have asked it to.

Meeting 3rd November

We had a very productive meeting this afternoon talking about Link Romania and Friendship week. Mrs Evans and Mrs Hudson are currently looking into purchasing hoodies for all school council reps.


Meeting 20th October

Lewis welcomed everyone to the meeting and wished Mrs Evans a Happy Birthday!

The main items for discussion were tuck shop and rewards for lining up after playtime. 

It was suggested that some fresh fruit could be provided at the tuck shop and rewards given to the smartest class line after playtime, these would be counted up at the end of the week and extra playtime awarded to the class with the most rewards.

School Council Meeting 13th October 2015

We had a very successful school council meeting. Here are on some of the items that we discussed:

  • International food day - we will be selling crumpets and crepes during morning break on 16th Oct for 20p.
  • We shared thoughts about positive and good things hapenning in our school, and also ways to make this school even better.
  • Photos were taken of all the school council reps - thes are on the website
  • Mrs Evans will enquire about school council hoodies and badges for all the reps.

Our next meeting will be held on the 20th Oct.

' Hello ' from the new School Council Reps!



Yr6 President - Lewis Vice President - Heidi Secretary - James Press/Media - Alex and Elliot Y5 Lilia and Sam Yr4 Joseph. And Lyla Yr3 Lily and Mason Y2 Gianluca, Eddie and Ruby Yr1 Georgia and Benjamin

Shared Vision Number Five!


It was a real pleasure to run our annual shared vision workshop in our freshly decorated hall last night.  It certainly is a lighter, brighter more creatively inspiring space to work in!  The creative juices were certainly flowing during this, our 5th shared vision review and refresh, as some brilliant ideas were aired and shared.

As usual, we had the privilege of wide range of school stakeholders in attendance, including the staff team, governors, parents, members of our school council, members of the Parish Council and Reverend Lisa from the church.  We believe this wide range of views and experience helps us generate a host of excellent ideas and keep us on track with our vision to be an outstanding school in the heart of the community. The fact that we involve and engage the whole community in this process is part of this vision.


The vision workshop is also a great opportunity to take stock and celebrate the successes of the previous school year.  This session saw a bumper crop of 'success bricks' each laying the foundation for another successful year ahead.



Mr Crawford also talked through some big ambitions that may be explored as part of our desire to keep raising the bar as a school and look ahead to future possibilities.  These include the possibility of becoming a teaching school or federating with another school and continuing to develop an exceptional learning environment.  He also talked about interesting research opportunities and collaborations with other learning establishments.

The teams then created 'ideas clouds' with exciting ideas including developing a library space, a special commemoration of the Queen's 90th birthday, a theatre-style hall with professional lighting, updated PE equipment and fresh playground lines.



There was then the traditional 'sign up' to the new vision map and the chance to declare some actions to be taken straightaway to get things rolling.  The sharing of a possible new newsletter format happened even before the workshop ended!  This early commitment to action certainly demonstrates the whole team's willingness and enthusiasm to bring the vision to life.



Many thanks to all who took part in this productive, vibrant and innovative session. The new vision map will be up on display in the school hall. This is very much a live and on-going process so if you'd like to make suggestions or contribute in anyway, please do!  


School Council Representatives

 The new school council reps for this term are :

Year 6

  • Eryn Savage -President
  • Harvey Newton - Vice- president
  • Bronwyn Bennetts - Treasurer
  • Alfie Hutchinson - Secretary

Year 5

  • Georgina Carey
  • Elliott Smith 

Year 4 

  • Emma Laurie 
  • Finley Evans 

Year 3

  • Evangeline Elliott
  • Alfie Hodgkinson

Year 2

  • Grace Smith
  • Alfie Sadler

Year 1

  • Alfie Jack Hardy
  • Phoebe Hardy 

Great School Council Meeting!

I had a fabulous meeting on Friday afternoon with four representatives from our school council.

We discussed some of their latest ideas including a Movie Night and also a School Paper or magazine.

The children loved meeting in my new office and I must say it was one of my best meetings this week!!

Our school council do a fantastic job and I look forward to seeing these ideas come alive over the coming months.


Final pictures from Shared Vision 2014-15

Enjoy these final pictures below.

Shared Vision 2014-15 - more pictures!

More pictures from a fabulous event.

Shared Vision 2014-15

Our annual Shared Vision evening was held in school on Wednesday. All stakeholders were represented including; staff, pupils, parents, governors, members from the parish council and others from our school community. The School Council and PTFA were represented.

This year IanThomas, Strategic Director for Derbyshire County Council and our Senior Adviser, Carolyn Brearley also kindly gave up their time to be involved.

It was a wonderful event and was very skilfully led by our Chair of Governors, Sarah Armitage.

We celebrated successes from the previous year before looking at how we can 'stand out' as a school as we look to become an 'outstanding school at the heart of the community.'

We looked at what made us special as a school before looking ahead to what was positive and possible to achieve this year.

There were a number of good ideas including;

1. Using our new technology to enhance teaching and learning.
2. Improving learning environments inside and outside the school.
3. Improve resources across the school ready for inspirational learning.
4. Transform the hall so it is a vibrant, special place and the hub of the school.

This is our fourth Shared Vision session and it is wonderful to see how far we have come as a school since September 2011.

We were also very lucky to have talented artists Anthony Greentree and Lucy Truman who captured the event through drawings which will be brought to life around the this space!

A massive thank you to all involved.

Enjoy some pictures below, more to follow.

First Meeting

On Friday 19th September we held our first meeting of the new school year. Our new members are very enthusiastic and  looking forward to playing a very active role on the council.

Our new members are:

  • Eryn Savage - President
  • Harvey Newton - Vice President
  • Alfie Hutchinson - Secretary
  • Bronwyn Bennetts

Year 5

  • Daisy Slater
  • Elliot Watson

Year 4

  • Sam Henderson
  • Louisa Upton

Year 3

  • Carlo Judson
  • Anastasia Sewter

Year 2

  • Alfie Sadler                                          
  • Grace Smith

Year 1

  • Phoboe Hardy
  • Alfie Jack Bramley

Our School Council get a very special treat !

Our Key stage 2 school council members were invited to the grand opening of the new equipment at Dobholes Lane Park at 2.30pm today. The children from the school council had been  consulted by Smalley Parish Council last year and were involved in the planning of the wonderful new facilities in our village. The children had a magical experience as they got to meet two Derby County footballers who had come to officially open the new play area. Chris Martin and Rhys Sharpe were great abassadors for their sport - not only did they sign autographs, pose for photographs and chat with our children they also played football with them ! Something our students will remember forever. What a privilege to watch. Mrs Evans and myself only wish we could have taken the whole school !

Many thanks to Smalley Parish Councill who have worked so hard to provide this wonderful facility in our village. Thank you also for a very special afternoon.                                          

   Mrs Mason.


What a shame Mr Crawford wasn't able to attend ! But Mrs Mason enjoyed being his deputy !

Chaucer School Council come to visit!

We have had a wonderful morning as the school council of Chaucer Junior School came to visit us after our tour of their school a few weeks ago!

It was lovely to see all the children and Mrs Upton and staff of course!

The children from both schools worked really well together again.

We looked at the possibility of linking up again next year when both schools study WW1.

Many thanks to all involved! Hope you enjoy the pirate ship picture below!

Exciting new playground designs!

The school council held a meeting on 18th June to look at and discuss plans for developing an area of the playground. We had two designs to look at and decide which we liked the most. Both designs were very good and the equipment looked great! They were both very similar however one was slightly cheaper. Our favourite was designed by Red Monkey, the company we used to design and build the reception playground. We look forward to seeing it completed.

Newsletter - Issue 18

Please see the newsletter attached containing information about the staff structure for September 2014, key dates for your diary and other important updates on school news

Chaucer visit - more pictures!

More pictures from the lovely visit to Chaucer!

School Council visit Chaucer

It was such a pleasure for Mrs Evans and myself to accompany our school council today on a visit to Chaucer Junior School.

We had such a warm welcome from Mrs Upton, the staff and children to their amazing school.

The school council gave us a very informative tour of the school showing us every classroom and the surrounding grounds. They were particularly proud of their school garden and the brilliant wall in their playground which they had helped to paint. The atmosphere in the school was perfect with the children working very hard in every class and behaving very well, just as our children do at Smalley.

There was then the opportunity for both sets of children to ask each other questions. They explored key issues such as what they would like to see remain in the new curriculum, which subjects they had made most progress in and what they were proud if in their schools. The children came up with some interesting ideas for Mrs Upton and myself to explore.

We finished a brilliant morning with a drink and some chocolate. It was such a success that we have invited the children back to visit us in a few weeks and look forward to working with them again.

A huge thank you to Mrs Upton, the staff and children at Chaucer for a fabulous and worthwhile visit.

More pictures to follow!

Meeting held on May 2nd 2014

The school council held a very successful meeting to discuss how the school could spend the money that was raised at the Easter Market. The amount raised was approximately £700! Here are some ideas that the School Council came up with:

  • Football nets
  • Re-paint the markings on the playground
  • Willow sculptures
  • Benches around the rememberance garden
  • Basketball nets
  • Colourful flower beds

First meeting of 2014

Our first meeting was held on 24th January 2014. Euan Aldred and Anica Taylor welcomed everyone to the meeting. The main item discussed was the new school house system.All members think the system is working very well and what a great idea it was they have suggested a few ideas they think could make it even better!

  • Play the house winners music when leaving Gold Book assembly
  • Have large house flags made for big events eg Sports Day
  • On the last day of term wear your house colour


We are hoping to organise a toast and hot chocolate break time.

School Council so far have raised £40

Thank you for everyones contribution during the meeting.


What a fabulous day to end the year!

Our School Council organised a fabulous day for us to finish 2013.

We had a special assembly celebrating some wonderful achievements and then our staff performed a very special version of the 12 days of Smalley Christmas!! The children certainly enjoyed it!

Children and staff looked very festive in their Christmas Jumpers and the cake sale was amazing. A massive thank you to those who brought cakes into school. They were fabulous!

Mr Crawford and Mrs Armitage watched Nativity 2 in the afternoon on our amazing new screen. It was just like being at cinema de lux but slightly better as we had free cakes too!!

It was lovely to end 2013 at school with so many smiles. A massive thank you to all. Enjoy Christmas and the holiday season, get plenty of rest and come back ready for an even better year in 2014!

School Council - Christmas Jumper Day and Cake Sale on Friday 20th December 2013

The School Council have organised a special day for this Friday. Children may swap their school jumper for a Christmas one for the final day of the term. There will be NO CHARGE for this.

Please note this is not a non-uniform day as such and they will be expected to wear uniform as normal with the exception of the festive jumper.

Also, please do not feel the need to go out and buy a new jumper. The children could decorate a normal jumper with tinsel etc. to get into the party spirit.

The school council will also do a cake sale at break time so would like donations of cakes please to be brought into school on Friday morning.

Finally, Mr Crawford has a treat for all the children lined up for Friday afternoon!


Harvest Gratitude

It's always exciting when we receive a letter through the post at school! 



The children were over the moon to receive letters and cards of thanks from the local residents for their Harvest gifts. 

During Gold Book on Thursday, we shared the thank you messages.  Thank you again to our school community for your generosity - our neighbours were so thrilled.


Shared Vision 2013 - what a great year we have to look forward to!

Last week we had our annual Shared Vision Session for the school. This is where all stakeholders from our community come together and generate ideas about how we can continue to  improve our school. 

We had representatives from the School Council, Parish Council, Governors, Neighbours of our School as well as Parent Representatives. All staff were there of course too!

We reviewed the successes of last year and ran out of space on the paper! We then looked at our values and what mattered to us as a school. We also were reminded that our goal back in September 2011 was to become an 'Outstanding School at the heart of the community.' 

We then looked at what was Positive and Possible to achieve this academic year. The themes that came out of the vision session included:

  • Achieving Outstanding Teaching and Learning across the school.
  • Introducing a new House System for the school.
  • Continuing to improve the school environment.
  • Improving Outdoor Play across the school.
  • Continuing to improve our links with the wider community.
  • Ensuring our new classroom is the inspirational learning space that the children deserve and that our new offices are fit for purpose.


 Check out the pictures from the session below.

I must say a massive thank you to Sarah Armitage, our Chair of Governors for leading the session so skillfully and keeping everyone on task!

Also, thank you to Mrs Shaw for her art work!

The Shared Vision will play an important role alongside our usual School Development Plans again this year. We look forward to bringing the plan to life as the year goes on and everyone can play their part in helping to achieve this.

Please come and see me if any aspect in particular interests you or you feel you can contribute in any way.

Links to our Shared Vision Sessions from Sept 2011 and Sept 2012 are also below and they are displayed in frames in the hall.

Please help us achieve our goal.

School Council Update

We always try our best to have regular meetings here is an update of things we have discussed and achieved over the last few months.

  • Year 6 organised and held a very successful toast and crumpet snack time which raised £23 towards wet play time toys .
  • We are really pleased with the new kitchen and everyone enjoyed the Red Nose Day lunchtime.
  • We have asked Mr Crawford to look at having new playground markings.
  • Mrs Evans will be ordering School Council badges for all representatives.

We would like to wish you a very Happy Easter

School Direct Interviews

Well done to Robin L, Rebekah L, Daniel  B, Brooke S, James H and Katie H, the six members of our school council who took part in the interviewing process of two students who would like to do their teacher training at our school. You were all fantastic! You asked some very interesting questions.

School Council meetings

We are now having school council meetings every Wednesday afternoon. Our first meeting took place on 9th January. The minutes of the meetings will be typed and posted on the website by Rose Armitage and Morgan Goddard , our council secretaries.

We have an excellent school council and all the class representatives work very hard towards making the school a great place to be.

Creating a Shared Vision 2012-13

Representatives from the whole community came together in school on the 27th September to create our Shared Vision for this year. All staff, parents from our Parent Champion Group and PTFA, governors and children worked together to look at areas we can improve over the next 12 months. 

We also looked back at our successes and were able to celebrate a huge list of achievements. After that we looked at what would be positive and possible to achieve this year. All stakeholders signed up to the vision and plotted actions and next steps. 

We are firm believers here in school that working together as a team and sharing our skills and abilities will help us achieve our aim to be an 'Outstanding School at the heart of the community'.

A massive thank you to Sarah Armitage for her skill in leading the session and keeping us all on task, not an easy job!!

Have a look at the pictures below from a fantastic evening. 

School Council minutes 1st February 2012

School Council - Toast Day!


 The children really enjoyed our toast day last Friday playtime. The children were very well behaved lining up and their manners were impeccable. There was a lovely smell of hot buttered toast in the hall!  Many thanks to Mrs. Shaw, Mrs. Evans and Miss Brown for their help. It raised £23 also for the School Council which they will use to improve our school environment. It was such a success we look forward to the next one!  

School Council Minutes 23 November 2011

School Council Minutes 12.10.2011

Please find attached the minutes for 12.10.2011 - Jessica W - Secretary

Meet our School Council!

We have a fantastic school council this year. They play such an important part in the school. Meet them below: