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Summer 1

Class R visit Bluebell Dairy

What a lovely day we had at Bluebell Farm.  We saw lots of baby animals including kids, calves and kittens!  We enjoyed looking for minibeasts in the mulch pile and of course playing with our friends on the park, go-karts and bouncy pillow. A highlight was the tractor ride, feeding the many different animals and enjoying the delicious ice cream.

So much to talk about, so much to see...

Thank you everyone for such a special day.

And the butterflies are here!


An amazing circle of life had transformed in Class R on Monday morning.

Four weeks ago, we welcomed a little pot of caterpillars into Class R.  We have watched the caterpillars grow - getting longer and thicker.  Last week, we then watched them go into a chrysalis.

When we arrived on Monday, three beautiful Painted Lady butterflies had emerged from their pupa. WOW!


We enjoyed looking at them throughout the day and then we did a very special thing, we let them go into the big wide world to start their circle of life all over again. Fly butterfly, fly.

Our butterfly life cycle in P.E.

Lots of careful thinking and different body movements in our physical development session this morning.

From an egg, to a caterpillar, a chrysalis, to a butterfly and then all over again....

Welly Wednesday in our meadow...

Today, we planted the seeds to grow radishes, lettuce, beans and potatoes, we were surprised at the size of the different seeds...children, let's watch them grow...