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Health and Well Being

Wellbeing and mindfulness club

The importance of Well being

We now have a well being display with lots of advice and information about the importance of well being in school and how important it is to check on friends and colleagues daily. Our school council reps will share the information with their class and encourage them to take a look. It will be updated regularly and children’s work will be added.


Connecting With Nature

Following Mental Health Awareness Week, it's been wonderful to receive so many photos of the children connecting with nature and I would love to share them with you here. I hope you feel inspired to get outdoors and connect with nature, whether that's for exercise, pleasure, conservation, creativity, mindfulness or whether you bring the outdoors into your home: the mental health benefits are tremendous. Thank you so much to all the children, parents and grandparents who got in touch to share their adventures- the photos and messages have been truly uplifting :)

Mental Health Awareness Week- Connecting with Nature

Across school we have been exploring how we can connect with nature to boost our well-being. Here are some of the children's super ideas!

We hope you are all enjoying nature this weekend, despite the 'nature' of UK weather patterns! Wellies at the ready...

Mental Health Awareness Week



This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the focus this year is 'Nature'. Being close to nature is so beneficial for our mental health and really helps to prevent mental distress and promotes good well-being for all. For more information, please watch this video by

Nature and Mental Health - Mental Health Foundation #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek 2021

Did you know that connecting with nature can be good for our mental health?This Mental Health Awareness Week we want to grow awareness of the role nature can...

To encourage our children, and their families, to get out into nature (and to help them experience the benefits to their mental health), we would love them to take photographs of themselves doing what they love outdoors.

I love walking among the bluebells in the nearby woods, for example, and playing with my cats in the garden, not to mention spending time with my son and family outdoors. What do you like doing in nature, children?

Whether you love playing sport, walking your dog, spending time on the beach (or even just in the sandpit during these odd times!) or relaxing in the garden, we would love you to send in your photos for a whole school display to promote the benefits of nature on our mental health. Please email your photos to your class' home learning email address as we would love to see, and share, your photographs.

Get outside, enjoy nature, use your senses, exercise in nature, combine nature with creativity and protect nature. Feel the benefits. And please remember to share your photos and experiences with us! Thank you :)

Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing

As we approach another lockdown, it is more important than every to take care of our mental, as well as our physical health, and to seek help. This can feel a very challenging, distressing and anxious time for children, young people and adults alike. There are lots of useful telephone support lines on the website below which has a section for parents and carers, as well as links to NHS support and other support services and campaigns. Please do visit the website if you have any concerns at all, and obviously please also feel free to contact us in school. 

Please also click on the link below for the 'Mental Health in Derby and Derbyshire for Children, Young People, Parents and Carers' leaflet for further support and guidance.

It is a very difficult time for all concerned and we do appreciate that in school and are here to support our children, parents, carers and community so please do seek support and remember we will help in any way we can.

Please take care, stay safe and as far as possible do what makes you and your family happy to protect your mental health and wellbeing. Go for walks as a household, tell jokes, play games, eat and sleep well and keep fit and healthy.

Stay safe and best wishes from Team Smalley



Looking after our wellbeing

We're so pleased to be here in school supporting the children, staff and community in keeping mentally (and physically) healthy and we understand that children, like adults, need to talk now more than ever. We're here for the children and we keep checking in on their wellbeing. It's good to talk and, as we approach the end of term already, let's keep the conversation going, keep supporting each other, keep sharing our thoughts, fears, worries, hopes and dreams. We love having all of the children back in school and we love seeing their resilience, hope, positivity and emotional intelligence. Be kind, be accepting, be patient and care for yourselves and each other :)


World Mental Health Day 10th October 2020


World Mental Health Day 2020 is the most important one yet. The months of lockdown and loss have had a huge impact on us all, and prioritising mental health has never been more important than it is now. Our mental health is just like our physical health: everybody has it and we need to take care of it, children and adults alike.


This year's theme set by the World Federation for Mental Health is 'mental health for all'.

One of the activities that World Mental Health Day are promoting is making time for 'Tea and Talk'. A cuppa, whether that's tea with friends, or milkshakes or hot chocolate with your children, is a great way to unwind and also provides an opportunity to talk. Remember, when asking how someone is, always ask twice and always actively listen to their response. Are they really ok? Don't forget also that it's ok not to be ok: we can all feel low. Be there for each other. We at Richardson Endowed Primary are here for you all too.


If you would like to take 'Tea and Talk' further, are encouraging 'Tea and Talk' fundraisers (Covid secure of course):



Click here if you would like to take part and download a 'Tea and Talk' pack.

There are so many websites, apps and online resources that promote wellbeing and support mental health so let's make use of them and let's talk and support each other too.

For tips on everyday living visit and there are more opportunities to fund raise through this charity too.

There are lots of ways to support children with their wellbeing which can be vital if your child is feeling low but which also offer lovely calming, bonding opportunities for all children (and adults) generally. Visit the Calm Zone on Childline's website for fun games, calming breathing activities and mindfulness exercises which are really lovely to do.



Yoga makes you feel amazing and is wonderful for your mental health. Why not try yoga as a family? There are lots of yoga tutorials on YouTube and many are aimed at children too. Or why not try the poses for children attached here:


Also invaluable is meditation and breathing. There are some great apps which can be really beneficial at bed time in particular for children. InsightTimer has a lovely section for children and is free, or why not try some of these exercises:

I hope you are all keeping safe and well this weekend and please enjoy doing something to promote your own, and other's wellbeing, whether that's any of the above or just being with family, doing something your love, being out in nature or having a laugh! A new book at home has given myself and my son a giggle this Saturday as we've really enjoyed telling each other silly jokes:



Laughter really is the best medicine!

Stay safe and wishing you all a happy, healthy World Mental Health Day 2020.