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Spring 1 (Social Justice)

Social Justice

(Spring Term 1)

Swimming Lessons

Since the beginning of the Autumn Term,our Class have been participating in swimming lessons at Heanor Leisure Centre. All the children have made progress, receiving Aquatic,National Curriculum and Water Safety Awards. Well done everyone!

This half-term's key vocabulary 


  • Diplomacy – The art of dealing with people in a sensitive and tactful way.
  • Parity/Disparity – The state of being equal/unequal, especially the state of having equal rights and an equal pay status.
  • Policy – A plan of action agreed or chosen by a political party or business.
  • Deprivation - The fact of not having something that you need, like enough food, money or a home and the process that causes it.
  • Liberty - The state of being free in a society without oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on ones way of life, behaviour, or political views.

Let's Connect-Children's Mental Health Week

Children's Mental Health Week is taking place between February 6-12th. The theme this week is Let's Connect.Having strong friendships and connections are important for children's wellbeing.

Our Class had fun taking part in a yoga session today,led by Mrs MacDonald. Mrs Gregory kindly served toast and juice,which we all enjoyed together.

We did mountain poses,tree balances and relaxation techniques.




Telling the time is an important life skill, no matter what language, so Year 5 have started learning how to do this in Spanish. We have began with o'clock and half past, before touching on quarter past / to and consolidating this by playing games, telling each other the time. 


Class 5 have been learning about day and night in Science this week. They learnt that as the Earth moves around the Sun it rotates on its axis,so we have day and night. They found out that the side of the Earth facing the Sun is daytime and the side of Earth facing away from the Sun,out towards space is nighttime.





Design and Technology


Drum Workshop

(explanation by Charlie C)


Today we took part in a drum workshop, we learnt to beat in singles, doubles and triples. We also got to listen to a Yamaha electric drum set. This was fantastic and fun especially because I already have weekly drum tuition in school.


Bonus Drumming Joke; 

Q: How can you tell when there is a drummer at your front door.

A: The knocking gets faster.


As part of their learning about shopping in Spain, Year 5 set up small shops in the classroom and acted out scenarios to practice their conversational vocabulary and phrases, using currency also to give change etc. It was great fun and enjoyed by everyone! 


A Timeline of British Space Exploration

(explanation by Molly S)

In History this half term, we are looking at Britain's contribution to space exploration. In this lesson we looked at a timeline of significant events. For example, In 1991, Helen Sharman became the first British astronaut, who was also the first British woman, to enter outer-space.  I think that this action had a huge impact  and inspiration for women all over Britain and maybe even the world. 




Day and Night

(explanation by Amelia E)

This half-term in Science, we have been focussing on space and the planets. We've looked into how the Earth orbits the Sun and rotates. Did you know that, in the Northern and Southern areas, at certain times of the year, it is dark daily. This lesson, we have drawn and labelled an accurate scientific diagram of the Earth showing how day and night are controlled by the Earth's rotation and Sun's light.




Website Layout

This half term our final outcome is to produce websites in pairs using Google Sites. We have begun by exploring sitemaps and website layouts. 

  Site map ( or Sitemap )  -  A site map is the layout or organisational structure of the pages in a website.

Sitemaps are important to consider as they are the first key step in making sure a website is clear and user friendly.



Helen Sharman

(explanation by Holly H)

This half term we have been looking at the theme of Social Justice and Equality. We have be focusing on space and the planets to do this. When you think of space you instantly think of Neil Armstrong, but has anyone heard of Katherine Johnson? Most people haven’t. This is partly because she was a woman. Without Katherine Johnson, Neil Armstrong would not have had the correct calculations to land on the moon. Our History is all about the British contribution to space exploration. Most recently, we researched Helen Sharman, who was the first British person in space and the first European woman in space. Here is a collection of our work.