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Class R

Let me tell you a story...

Today, we started to read the story of 'The Three Little Pigs'.  We thought about how we felt when we saw the wolf in the story and also we predicted (guessed from the clues we had) what we thought might happen to the wolf at the end of the story.  We were very excited and didn't want the story to pause when the wolf was about to climb down the chimney!

At story time, we listened to a song about the story - here it a link for you to listen to again at home:

Happy New Year!


Welcome back to school!

What a lovely first week we have had all together.  We have enjoyed remembering what we did at Christmas time, discussing our favourite gifts and things we did with our families - we then spoke about the new year 2022.  We have learnt about the months of the year and looked again at our birthday months.  We explored the season of Winter with frosty winter walks and warm hot chocolate, ice hunting and looking at bare trees in our local area.  We enjoyed playing the game 'What time is it Mr Wolf?' and read some books with the same title.  We also enjoyed looking at different types of clocks and watches, as well as singing different versions of Hickory Dickory Dock!


It's been great to be back together children.

Me and you in 2022!

Class R Newsletter - January 2022

Celebrating success


A special thank you and well done to the children who have been in our Good Book assemblies.  We have celebrated many successes including kindness and sharing with our friends, beautiful fireworks paintings, pretty Diva lamps, writing our menus using the sounds that we can hear as we say the words out loud, super fair game playing and using our maths skills to recognise the dots on a dice without counting them (subitising), adding the totals on two dice and recalling some of our double facts.  Keep working hard Team R, keep enjoying the fun and awe of learning.

Anti-bullying week - always choose kind


In Class R, we talk a lot about kindness and what it is and how we can show it to the people, animals and environment around us every day.  We celebrate kindness in our class and spot children and adults being kind in their every day behaviour.  During this special week in school, we took time during our Circle Time, to talk about giving compliments and using our manners when someone does something nice for us.  The children thought carefully about the compliments they could give and practised saying the compliments out loud - thank you children for choosing kind.


I was also lucky this week to hear Isabella and Isabella talking about how good sharing felt.  They thought carefully about a strategy which could encourage their friends to share a toy that they wanted to use.  After deciding and being able to use the toy, they promptly gave it back after their time was up.  They then reflected on how good it had felt and then said, "Sharing is caring!" 

Girls you are so right.  Thank you.

Class Newsletter - Autumn Term 2 2021

Parents Evening November 2021


Class R have enjoyed discovering all about the beautiful season of Autumn.  Today we went on a leaf hunt to spot all the different colours of Autumn.  We looked at the shapes and patterns that were on the leaves and chose some special ones to put on our leaf skewers.  Autumn leaves are amazing!



A special well done to our 6 children whose work was recognised in our Gold Book assembly.  Caleb and Alfie were praised for their excellent use of description and wow words when they are talking with adults and their peers; Isabella and Savannah were praised for their kindness and friendship to others in the class; Ruby was praised for her mature attitude to her learning and how proud she is to be able to blend sounds to make words when reading and Layton was praised for his sensible choices and the way he comes in so smartly in the morning, organising himself so well.  Well done children, we are so proud of you.


To support the 'Show racism the red card' annual 'Wear red for the day' on Friday, 22nd October 2021 - Class R joined in with the rest of the school in wearing red and started to learn about what racism is and the importance of kindness.  We talked about what kindness is and how we can show it to other people.  Some children wrote kindness notes for their family, their Buddies and friends; some children gave one another compliments or thought about how to help their friends be happy when they play and talk to one another.  Thank you children.

Our Pumpkin Parade

Thank you to all the children and their families for the wonderful pumpkins

that came to school yesterday - so many different designs.

It was so lovely to see so many parents and children after school for our Pumpkin Parade - thank you for supporting our PTFA event.




Please click on the link below to see our photographs:


This week's song and rhyme is connected to our Harvest assembly this week - please enjoy the songs - 'Tractor, Tractor' and the lyrics for 'Big Red Combine Harvester'


Lyrics to “Big Red Combine Harvester”

Big red combine harvester,
Big red combine harvester,
Big red combine harvester,
Chug, chug, chug, chug, chugging away.


Clattering on, combine harvester,
Clattering on, combine harvester,
Clattering on, combine harvester,
Chug, chug, chug, chug, chugging away.

Cutting the corn, combine harvester,
Cutting the corn, combine harvester,
Cutting the corn, combine harvester,
Chug, chug, chug, chug, chugging away.

Threshing the corn, combine harvester,
Threshing the corn, combine harvester,
Threshing the corn, combine harvester,
Chug, chug, chug, chug, chugging away.

Big red combine harvester,
Big red combine harvester,
Big red combine harvester,
Chug, chug, chug, chug, chugging away,
Chug, chug, chug, chug, chugging away.


Gold Book 8/10/21

Well done to Beatrice, Evie, Arlo, Adam, Isabella and Esmee, who were our first six children to appear in Class R's Gold Book assembly this year.  We celebrated their beautiful artwork, growing confidence, kindness, reading skills, care and resilience.  We're very proud of you and I enjoyed sharing the news with your families.


The children in Class R have really enjoyed this 'Skeleton Dance', so I thought I'd put the link on so that you could enjoy it at home too:



September's Adventures in Class R - please click on the link below:

Class R Newsletter - Autumn (1) 2021

Please find attached the links that I mentioned in your child's reading diaries:


Our alphabet song:


The pronunciation of the letter sounds (phonemes);


The Jolly Phonics actions:


Thank you


Welcome to Class R's page on our brand new website. 

We hope you enjoy our journey together

over the coming year.